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NBA 2K20: How to Run Warriors Freelance From Kingslayer Hoops

nba 2k20 warriors freelance

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20: How to Run Warriors Freelance From Kingslayer Hoops

I will always go to bat for the freelance offense systems in the NBA 2K series. This NBA 2K20 Warriors freelance guide from Kingslayer Hoops is just another reminder of how enjoyable these can be in our basketball-starved lives right now.

One of the biggest game changers ever for this series for me was the moment when I no longer had to call a play every time down the court. These freelance systems went beyond just calling for a pick, it was a whole new way to play the game.

It was such a revelation just being able to roll into a basic freelance system, and these team-specific freelances have only been expanded upon year over year. They are by no means perfect, and I would love to see even more time put into them, but there’s nothing quite like getting so comfortable with a team’s freelance that you know all the spots on the court to go to trigger the various cuts and play permutations. Anyway, if you’re looking for a straight-forward look at one of the first team-specific freelances 2K ever introduced way back when, scope this out.

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