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NBA 2K20 Gameplay Videos - Nuggets vs. Grizzlies, Thunder vs. Pelicans, Wizards vs. Blazers, Clippers vs. Bulls

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 Gameplay Videos - Nuggets vs. Grizzlies, Thunder vs. Pelicans, Wizards vs. Blazers, Clippers vs. Bulls

Brian Mazique, AKA UniqueMazique, has continued to post NBA 2K20 gameplay videos from the recent 2K community event. Give the man some love.


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  1. the fouls in game are ZERO almost
    the attacks are not very incisive towards the basket, few contacts, never hard game, the defenses are almost never aggressive
    all this determines the lowering of contacts and fouls in the game, if you play 3 or 5 min a quarter you don't feel the problem, but for a sim player on 12 min quarter is it a huge problem to fix
    like every year we hope to patch up the problem with sliders, and like every year unfortunately even with the sliders you can't get a good result, the sliders don't have impact on the game so much
    i hope i'm wrong, and in future wil be ok, but if the base is the one you see in these videos (max 1 or 2 fouls call in 12 min), I'll try it for two, three days and then stop it
    how sad, copy and paste work and the same problem every year always
    What's with the Bulls player celebrating after a blowout of his team after the 1st quarter? :lol:

    I think there might be a bug with celebrations. I've seen a team celebrate at half time like they won the game on another video.
    Thanks Mazique! This is exactly what I want. While the AI gameplay is not flawless, I am aware it was an early build. I was very encouraged by the way Westbrook grabbed the board and pushed the ball, and that when a Nets defender went under a ball screen Harden splashed the 3 from the top of the key. Some of the fast break lane filling from the Rockets was impressive. Led to a few open 3s, and even a few dunks.
    Like I say, still some issues, but nothing a few slider tweaks wouldn’t fix.
    Thanks again Brian!!! Keep the videos coming.
    I wonder if Kawhi got re-scanned? His new model looks perfect, but I can't see him going back in to get another face scan done lol.

    Personally I don't know how much, but we can definitely Thank R4zor for some of the improved work on player faces.

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