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NBA 2K League Player Power Rankings (Preseason)


NBA 2K League Player Power Rankings (Preseason)

Continuing with our series of extremely subjective preseason NBA 2K League rankings, it’s player power rankings time! These are based on a combination of past NBA 2K history, persona marketing and other such ineffable qualities. No offense to any who didn’t make the list — strive to make it for the next update! To those who did, know that your spot isn’t safe. Each player has a “how to stick,” explaining how they can maintain their ranking, and a “how to slide,” clarifying what would knock them off the list.

Just missed this edition: OneWildWalnut (Blazer5Gaming), Hood is Glitchy (Cavs Legion GC), and WoLF (Pacers Gaming).

  1. Goofy 757 (Knicks Gaming)

Goofy is sitting pretty. The ninth overall pick in the draft, Goofy’s spot on this list comes from his privilege of being the #1 guy in the #1 market in the league. Goofy dazzled at the draft, and now gets the opportunity to lead the team of the city that never sleeps. His marketability is at an all-time high, and his gameplay is at its peak.

How to stick: lLearn from Aaron Judge, and make the city take to your gameplay and personality.

How to slide: Learn from Giancarlo Stanton, and let the pressure of the New York media get to you early.

  1. Yeah I Compete (Jazz Gaming)

The draft’s third-overall pick is poised to be the clear franchise leader for Jazz Gaming. He’s gotten off to a great start, earning major accolades for his play in the NBA 2K League Draft Clash tournament at PAX East. Compete was a consensus top player before the draft and was a top competitive NBA 2K player even before the NBA 2K League. His personal brand is in the best place of his teammates — heck, he even threw out the first pitch at a Salt Lake Bees game — and he’s a widely known quantity.

How to stick: Be Jazz Gaming’s star player and let your play do the loudest talking.

How to slide: Fall short of big expectations and slide into the shadows.

  1. Winner_Stayz_On (Grizz Gaming)

I’ve been really impressed by Winner_Stayz_On’s self-promotion (which he’s done tastefully). The 15th overall pick, he’s asserted himself as the leader of Grizz Gaming on and off the court. He’s taken himself from a relatively unknown commodity to a well-recognized face in the NBA 2K community and a positive face in the Memphis community. He’s a mature player who has the ability to carry his team gameplay-wise and morale-wise.

How to stick: Walk the walk. Marketability is great, but being a successful player is greater.

How to slide: Be unable to balance on-court expectations and off-court persona.

  1. Mootyy (Kings Guard GG)

Mootyy is the rare player who has a nickname on top of his gamertag, Big Shot Moot. The NBA 2K competitive history is there; the marketability is there for sure (did you see those shades?) and the team that drafted him fourth overall is arguably the best poised to maximize his skills.

How to stick: Make the Big 3 live up to its billing on the court by hitting some more big shots.

How to slide: Fall flat, shattering those shades and allowing Kings Guard to perform below its high expectations.

  1. DatBoyDimez (MavsGG)

Surprised? The first-overall pick was the lone player to shake hands onstage with Adam Silver. He’s the most well known NBA 2K gamer. He’s won a major NBA 2K tournament before. He’s got the support of Mark Cuban and the Mavs’ great support team. The only thing that precedes Dimez, both in this ranking and the NBA 2K League, is his own reputation.

How to stick: Win and win some more, proving that you’re the top NBA 2K gamer against the best competition.

How to slide: Lose, and lose embarrassingly to 96 players eager to take your crown.

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