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The Interview: Throwdown's Big Shot Moot

NBA 2K18

The Interview: Throwdown's Big Shot Moot

As draft day draws nearer and nearer, we sat down with a well-known personage in the community: Mootyy, better known as Big Shot Moot. We’ll also have to see what Robert Horry has to say about that nickname if Mootyy, one of the most successful players in competitive 2K gaming history, gets drafted.

OS: What’s been your overall process throughout qualifications so far?

M: First and foremost, focus on winning. Once the game starts I attempt to communicate with my teammates and draw up quick chemistry. I introduce myself and give them a brief summary of who I am and my background, trying to let them know they’ve got an experienced vocal leader. I always sag off my matchup and attempt to help out any penetration in the paint, help teammates on defense whenever possible and heavily crash the boards. If the game is out of reach and the win secured come the 4th quarter, I attempt to pad stats for teammates and myself for the rest of the game. The combine overall was an incredible learning experience. I came in as an established well-known shooter and have been using an inside scoring build the entire combine. It has really helped develop my game even farther and also made me a better leader.

OS: How does your past competitive 2K success affect your mindset?

M: I’ve been fortunate enough to achieve a high level of success throughout my 2K career. It honestly gives me the mental edge over my opponents no matter who it is or the situation I’m thrown in. I’ve been through the trenches and I’m battle tested. There aren’t many players out there who are mentally stronger than I am when it comes to anything 2K related. You won’t find another player that went from the “highest of highs” hitting the game-tying three to take your team into OT eventually to win the PS4 Championship to the “lowest of lows” playing on the then-biggest NBA 2K stage for life changing money and failing. I’ve seen and been through it all. To touch on that note, there are only 20 players in the community that have ever experienced playing live on the big stage before. It’s a whole different animal when you have two to three personal spotlights shining down on you, hearing and seeing the crowd, listening to the announcers, the pressure, the money, the list goes on. Once you’ve experienced that, then you’ll be ready for anything thrown at you, especially when losing on that stage. That’s why I believe some players aren’t built for the type of pressure the league will bring.

OS: If you get drafted, what’s the first thing you plan to do and what would be your long-term goal?

M: To be honest, I’ve envisioned myself being drafted since hearing about the league a year ago. I don’t have an honest answer for you at the moment; I would be completely in shock because it’s my dream. I’ve sacrificed a lot to be in the league, put in countless hours, sleepless nights — I would honestly just try to take it all in and celebrate with my family. My mother and father have been huge supporters of everything I’ve done involving the league. They’ve been with me every step of the way, so it would be incredible just to soak it all in with them and enjoy. I have multiple long-term goals. I could give you a list and elaborate but it’s honestly so much. Most importantly, I don’t want to be known merely as a player. I want to grow the league overall as much as possible. Whenever I’m involved or a part of something, I become fully committed and devote my time heavily to it. If I get drafted, it would be a necessity to help grow the league, and everyone involved, to its maximum potential. I also plan to grow my fan base, social media presence and expand in the content scene.

OS: What are you most looking forward to about the league?

M: I’ll keep this one short and sweet. To be honest, being able to wake up every morning and tell people I get to do what I love for a living. To say that I was able to turn my dreams into a reality. A normal kid from a small city was able to come from nothing by constantly grinding, never giving up and made it to a big city playing video games for an NBA organization. The joy of having the privilege to give back to my family and to others.

OS: What’s your favorite 2K memory?

M: This one is easy, the shot that gave me my nickname. The ‘Big Shot’ game against Top Notch. What most don’t know is that I hit a shot before that one under two minutes to tie the game as well but that one goes unnoticed. That game is just going to be tough to beat. The adversity as a team we overcame was remarkable. It was one of the best feelings I’ve experienced, with my teammates having the confidence in me. When it was crunch time, with money on the line and all eyes on us, they believed in me and we got it done. The only moment I potentially see topping it is hearing my name called on draft night.

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