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MLB The Show 20: Third Inning Overview and Guide

mlb the show 21 diamond dynasty wishlist

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: Third Inning Overview and Guide

The Second Inning Program has come to a close, and the Third Inning Program is now live in MLB The Show 20. The top player rewards will still be received at 300 stars, with diamond Chipper Jones, diamond Brian Roberts and diamond Shane Victorino being those rewards. Chipper Jones will probably be the player a majority of people gravitate towards, but that’s just based on his storied history in this series.

With those rewards and more in mind, here’s your Third Inning Program guide and breakdown. This guide will change and update as more content is released.


diamond dynasty third inning program showdown

The entry fee is 500 stubs like last time. The Final Showdown in my test scenario was Future Stars Adonis Medina from the Phillies. As opposed to the new Showdowns for the second leg of Team Affinity rewards, we are back up to All-Star difficulty for the Final Showdown.

Winning this Showdown will net you +70 points. Along the way, the same reward structure is in place as other Inning Program Showdowns, so you basically break even by getting past the first mini boss. You’ll get a silver player pack and a gold player pack as rewards along the way as well.


diamond dynasty third inning conquest map

The Conquest map goes back to a more snake-like design, and I imagine it will have some secret rewards hidden in a couple places along the way. You need to steal 3 million as one of the goals to complete the Conquest missions, so don’t forget about that along the way.

Completing the map and all the goals will net you 30 stars for the Third Inning Program.


We have our standard two online missions, and a third bonus online mission this time.

  • Win 10 games in Ranked Seasons (+15 points)
  • Win 10 games in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale or Events (+15 points)
  • Tally 12 innings online with Breakout Series players (+15 points)

The Breakout innings mission is laughably easy in terms of time investment versus the other two, but I’ll take easy points wherever I can get them.

Collections And Moments

The Keith Hernandez player program was the first program added.

3rd inning program keith hernandez

Here are the 3rd Inning Program points you can earn via this program:

  • Breakout Keith Hernandez collection (+20 program points)
  • Tally 8 hits online with Breakout Keith Hernandez (+10 program points)

The Andre Dawson player program was the second program added.

rookie andre dawson ratings

  • Tally 5 RBIs online with Rookie Andre Dawson (+10 program points)
  • Collect Rookie Andre Dawson (+20 program points)

There are also three collections. The first is the standard one where you collect all three Second Inning Program players for 75 stars. The second collection has to do with collecting 10 Breakout Series players. This has caused Breakout players to fly up in price in the short term, but that should dip back down soon enough. Collecting 10 Breakout players will net you 20 points.

mlb the show 20 third inning breakout players

  • The Players League Blake Snell collection will also get you 20 program points.

players league blake snell

Bosses And Rewards

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Above are the three bosses at 300 program stars.

Here are the three mini-bosses at 150 program stars in the Third Inning Program:

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  • Gold Alan Trammell
  • Gold Bruce Sutter
  • Gold Ken Griffey Sr.

This program in total goes up to 600 program stars, so it lines up with the Second Inning Program.

At launch, you can get 240 stars if you complete every objective listed for the program (excluding dailies).

Here are the main rewards:

  • 5 stars – The Show pack
  • 100 stars – Headliners Set 12 pack
  • 140 stars – The Show pack
  • 150 stars – Third Inning Program Choice pack (three gold mini-bosses)
  • 180 stars – Prospects Set 1 Choice pack
  • 200 stars – Ballin Is A Habit pack
  • 240 stars – Classic Stadium Choice pack
  • 280 stars – The Show pack (x2)
  • 300 stars – Third Inning Program Choice pack (three diamond bosses)
  • 350 stars – The Show pack (x5)
  • 400 stars – 2,000 stubs
  • 450 stars – Prospects Set 3 Choice pack
  • 550 stars – Headliners Set 13 pack
  • 600 stars – 3,000 stubs

Lastly, here is a look at the three Prestige bosses:

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You will need to prestige these cards like the others, which is via online stat missions that will take major time commitments. Here are the stats required:

  • Chipper Jones
    • Tally 79 hits online with Chipper
    • Tally 40 XBH online with Chipper
    • Tally 53 RBIs online with Chipper
    • Tally 56 runs online with Chipper
  • Brian Roberts
    • Tally 108 hits online with Roberts
    • Tally 42 XBH online with Roberts
    • Tally 49 RBIs online with Roberts
    • Tally 56 runs online with Roberts
  • Shane Victorino
    • Tally 108 hits online with Victorino
    • Tally 36 XBH online with Victorino
    • Tally 42 RBIs online with Victorino
    • Tally 63 runs online with Victorino

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