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MLB The Show 20: Ranked Season 3 Overview and New Rewards

ranked season 3 world series rewards

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: Ranked Season 3 Overview and New Rewards

The second ranked season came to a close today in MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty, and so Ranked Season 3 brings us a ratings reset and four new player rewards. As usual, we get two new World Series players and two new Pennant Race players.

The new World Series rewards are diamond Postseason Ken Griffey Jr. and diamond Future Stars Dustin May. The new Pennant Race rewards are diamond Postseason Keith Foulke and diamond Rookie Albert Pujols.

Ranked Season 3 – MLB The Show 20

Not much changed between seasons as the developers are carrying over the players from Ranked Season 2 while simply adding the new players to the selection pool. This also means the players from Ranked Season 1 are no longer in the rewards pool.


Spring Training – Play 1 game

  • Bronze live series player

Regular Season – 200 points

  • Silver live series player

All-Star – 400 points

  • Silver live series player
  • Silver nameplate and icon

Pennant Race – 500 points

  • Choice of gold Andruw Jones, gold Harmon Killebrew, diamond Albert Pujols or diamond Keith Foulke
  • Gold nameplate and icon

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Foulke’s main pitch is a circle-change, which should actually help him. He then has a sinker and a slider so I see no reason why he can’t be effective even without a dominating fastball. That being said, I don’t remember using him much in prior version of The Show.

Pujols is generally a solid get in The Show, and this Rookie Albert Pujols card has been bouncing around in the game for years. Obviously, he crushes right-handed pitching and has positional flexibility he does not retain in future versions of his cards.

Wild Card – 600 points

  • Gold live series player
  • Gold nameplate and icon

Division Series – 700 points

  • Diamond bat skin
  • Show pack
  • Gold nameplate and icon

Championship Series – 800 points

  • Gold live series player
  • Show pack
  • Diamond nameplate and icon

World Series – 900 points

  • Choice of diamond Tino Martinez, diamond Zack Britton, diamond Ken Griffey Jr., diamond Dustin May
  • Diamond nameplate and icon

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Dustin May will be interesting to keep an eye on here. He has a dominant sinker, and it’s easy to see how his five-pitch mix could make him solid online, but I have a hard time seeing people picking him over The Kid.

Ken Griffey Jr. will get better cards, and this one really doesn’t even look that amazing from a hitting perspective, but I still have to assume people will gravitate to this card, especially with it being the 1995 postseason card.

Quick Tips And Notes

-We have reached a new phase where now simply getting to Pennant Race will get you a diamond reward. Also be aware that players now falling out of the player pool from Ranked Season 1 will have some more value on the community market.

-Always be aware of your rating modifier. If you use a weaker team, your rating modifier will be lower and you’ll go up against players who may end up being worse but with a much higher overall team.

-In order to get stamina back for your pitchers between games, they must stay in your lineup — you can’t hide them off your active roster.

-I will be looking at the Albert Pujols and Griffey Jr. as my two rewards players. However, Foulke’s pitch mix looks pretty good and no shade for that Dustin May card either.


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