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Madden 21 Custom Roster Review: REALISTIC ROSTER 21 (Xbox One)

Madden 21 Custom Roster Review: "REALISTIC ROSTER 21"

Madden NFL 21

Madden 21 Custom Roster Review: REALISTIC ROSTER 21 (Xbox One)

Brian is going to be trying to do a new thing where he looks at created content from OS and beyond and talks about what he thinks of all that goodness. This could be sliders, rosters and so on. He starts off today with a look at a Madden 21 custom roster on the Xbox One. This is a roster from leeC2812 (@CML2812 on Twitter) and the roster is called REALISTICROSTER21.

  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Creator: leeC2812

Overall, we have also showed off a PS4 draft class for 2021 and two sets of sliders you can scope out while trying to configure Madden 21 so it fits your needs.


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  1. Excellent idea .... but :-
    Needs to be done less superficially by somebody with a deeper knowledge of the subject
    We all have our own opinions on Brady , Brees , Mahones etc but knowing who Tommy Stevens and the like are is important in roster creation

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