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Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 21 - A Buyer's Guide

everything you need to know about fifa 21


Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 21 - A Buyer's Guide

FIFA 21 officially releases on October 6, but you can already find the game out in the wild on Twitch and YouTube. We received our review copy today as well so KG will now begin the process of reviewing the game to try and get it out by release day. Prince also has a video here that runs through most of the high-level stuff you need to know if you’re looking at this year’s game.

Everything You Need To Know About FIFA 21

On top of that video, we also have a bunch of other pre-release content that you can read through to get a feel for whether or not this year’s game will be for you (at least as it relates to current gen):

  • You can see KG’s three-part breakdown of the new additions to career mode: part one, two, three
  • KG also chats about eight potential teams you could use in the refined career mode this year.
  • Joel got hands-on impressions with Volta and chatted about them here.
  • Joel also has a general hands-on gameplay impressions piece here that’s from when the closed beta was out.
  • KG discusses some of the big changes to Ultimate Team here.
  • KG goes into a deep analysis of the Pro Clubs updates here.
  • All the licensed stadiums and Volta locations are here.
  • All the FIFA 21 leagues and clubs are here.
  • You can see the top 1,000 player ratings right here.
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