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FIFA 21 Patch 16 Available For Consoles - Patch Notes

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FIFA 21 Patch 16 Available For Consoles - Patch Notes

FIFA 21 patch 16, which released for PC and Stadia last week, is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Similar to the most recent FIFA 21 patches, we aren’t getting anything gameplay related in patch 16 either. Check out the patch notes below.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

  • The post match Co-Op Division Rivals screens displayed the player’s FUT Club badge instead of the opposing Captain’s badge.
  • Kit walkout animations could display an incorrect kit and player model. This was a visual issue only.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issue:

  • Pedro Pereira’s star head did not display correctly during matches.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following change:

  • Updated some balls, boots, kits, badges, bibs, and 2D portraits.

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  1. Yep 16 patches, well actually more cos we’ve had a couple of .1 patches as well. PES has had 6 patches in comparison & both games are still broken with core stuff not even looked at let alone fixed.
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    it's the sick irony on PC that gets me. 
    EA won't fix certain things. Community fixes things that EA won't fix, with mods. EA releases insignificant patch that doesn't really mean anything to anyone. Patch  breaks the mods that fixes the things EA won't fix.
    I enjoy playing FIFA 21. It is tough to score free kicks, but that’s the beauty of it that it shouldn’t be easy. I have been playing fifa since 2015 and this is a great career mode. You can sim training after you have hit your A, B or whatever and it holds for the duration with auto-sim. Great to not have to waste time on the sim with random ratings. I play as the mn United on professional and it took a few games to understand how to cross and set up goals, and get FIFA 21 Coins. Once you figure it out you got it. Now the defense system is great lots of battles vs. AI going back and forth so if you rely on the computer to help you, it’s not for you.

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