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ESBC Developer Q&A Recap, Console Release Update

ESBC Developer Q&A

eSports Boxing Club

ESBC Developer Q&A Recap, Console Release Update

The developers for eSports Boxing Club took to their Discord to answer some questions from fans. Prince attended the Discord to scope out the ESBC developer Q&A, and he is bringing back some answers to the questions, including an update on console release.

It’s cool to see so much activity from Steel City when it comes to mentioning things about the development process. If you’re a new franchise, being this “open” can potentially hurt in the end if the final product is not solid, but it’s a good way of building up goodwill in the here and now. The updates are sure to continue in the coming days and weeks.


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  1. Every video they release shows more promise. Really looking forward to this one coming out. It's been wayyy too long since we've had a proper boxing game.
    Honest feedback, that video could be a lot better. I stopped watching a minute and half into it because he was literally listing all the different styles from Fight Night Champion.
    This is why I prefer written articles, but if a video is the way you want to go make a better effort to keep unnecessary time sinks out and focus on giving the information the viewer is wanting to see.

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