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Reaction to ESBC Adding Deontay Wilder

ESBC Deontay Wilder

eSports Boxing Club

Reaction to ESBC Adding Deontay Wilder

Prince pops in with his most recent video to chat about Deontay Wilder being added to ESBC.

This obviously takes on a little more importance considering Wilder/Fury III is slated for this weekend. All in all, the roster will not be a thing that holds ESBC back when it finally gets into our lives.


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  1. Wow what a fight tonight, even though Deonte lost, Tyson Fury got a 12-count oh, but he did get up and eventually beat Deontay.
    It was a throwback fight, 
    I usually don't see this out of heavyweights, not in the past 20 years.
    Also agree it's been nothing but fighter updates since early spring.
    Someone said they reply on Discord, but they have an active Twitter account, and they don't respond on Twitter.
    They can at least tell people if it's coming out this holiday season oh, it was supposed to be early access a long,, long time ago on the PC.
    Let's hope for the best!
    timely add with that classic fight for the ages last was truly amazing. if this fight doesn't help promote this game, nothing will. 

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