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eFootball PES 2021 LITE Available Today - Try Out Some of the Modes in the Game For Free


eFootball PES 2021

eFootball PES 2021 LITE Available Today - Try Out Some of the Modes in the Game For Free

If you haven’t purchased eFootball PES 2021 yet, Konami has released their free LITE version today for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam, for you to try out. Just like the full version of the game, eFootball PES 2021 LITE is backwards compatible on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Here are the modes available in the LITE version.

  • Unrestricted access to myClub mode – Build your very own dream team by collecting players and managers that suit your personal playstyle. Train your rookies into superstars, or sign Legends and other powerful players to get an edge on the competition.
    • myClub also gives you access to the Iconic Moment Series, a powerful new variation of players introduced to PES this year.
    • These players are based on memorable moments from the careers of current and former superstars, and come with boosted stats that reflect their performance at that time.
    • Additionally, myClub mode also lets you sign “Featured Players”, who are essentially stronger variations of existing players chosen for their standout performances in recent matches. Sign both of these powerful player types to your squad and dominate the competition!
  • Matchday mode – A competitive PvP mode where you participate in various events inspired by real world football matches and infamous rivalries. Matchday mode is also the home of the eFootball.Open, an esports tournament that welcomes players of all skill levels. In addition, PES 2021 LITE also includes the “Local Match” and “Training” modes, allowing you to sharpen your skills against the COM.
  • Edit Mode (PlayStation 4/5 Only) – Allows you to customize and create strips, emblems and team names. You can also import data created by other users, giving you access to a limitless variety of designs.
  • Fully supports the eFootball Point Program – eFootball Points are the currency of the eFootball Point Program. Points can be earned in various ways, including playing the game and watching eFootball tournaments. Once you’ve earned points, you can redeem them for various in-game items and bonuses.

Data Pack 3 was released last week and if you missed our eFootball PES 2021 review, make sure to read it here.

When Konami announced its decision that eFootball PES 2021 would be a season update, many of us were split as to whether or not this was good for the future of the series. On one hand, a two-year development cycle while we’re in the midst of transitioning to next-gen seems like a smart calculated approach. Rushing to make two versions of the game on separate systems could be a recipe for a disaster. Throw in the new Unreal Engine that was announced for PES 2022 and the risk probably outweighed the reward for Konami. On the other hand, is an update of PES 2020 good enough to play for two years? It’s time to find out in this eFootball PES 2021 Season Update review!

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