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Boomshakalaka!! NBA JAM Deal is in the Works


Boomshakalaka!! NBA JAM Deal is in the Works

The original voice of NBA JAM and current commentator for Mutant Football League, announced on Twitter that a deal is in the works to bring back NBA JAM. Obviously a lot of things have to happen, but it’s definitely exciting to hear. Let’s hope it happens!

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  1. Agree as well. Playgrounds was fun for like a week. Hated it after that. It was basically a cheap mans version of jam that wasn’t as good. Would rather of just had jam.
    I loved NBA Jam on the Super Nintendo, but didn't care for it on the Wii.
    Felt it was so complicated to move and stuff on there with the motion controls and the cpu cheating was rediculous where it wasn't much fun.
    Hopefully this one is good!

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