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NBA Jam: Top 5 Duos in History

top 5 duos in nba jam


NBA Jam: Top 5 Duos in History

Matt is back ranking the top 5 duos in NBA Jam history. Now, to be clear, this is for the console release of NBA Jam, and this does not take into account Tournament Edition either. We felt it might be fun to do this now because the arcade cabinets for NBA Jam are shipping soon — it includes Tournament Edition and Hang Time as well on it (and Charles Barkley back in the game) — and because NBA Jam will always rule.

I don’t think the list rocks the boat too much, albeit I say Matt should have gone with his gut and swapped the teams landing at one and two, but that’s just my childhood opinion. If you enjoy the video, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And, by all means, let us hear your power rankings as well.

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  1. I would move Hornets to number 1. Back in my younger days I was the hornets a lot and went 88-1 in my NBA jams career (back in the 90's you counted lol) playing against other people and winning a prize money tourney here in Arizona. I couldn't lose with them and the 1 lost I had was when I was Utah lol. Most of my wins came with Hornets. Their size was just killer. I would block a ton of shots and of course Goal-tine as much as possible so I can stay on fire. :D Once I got on fire it was a wrap when playing with them. I won with others, but with them I blew out more people than not.*

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