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WWE 2K20 - 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution Details

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 - 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution Details

2K has revealed details of their new WWE 2K20 – 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution. In 2014, four talented young upstarts in NXT helped start what would eventually become known as the Women’s Evolution in WWE. Fast forward to 2019, and women headlined WrestleMania for the first time in history.

WWE 2K20 tells the whole story in 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution. Cover Superstar Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Sasha Banks – the Four Horsewomen – describe the journey to bring women’s wrestling to the forefront of WWE in their own words with exclusive live action footage.

2K Showcase includes 15 playable instant classic matches spanning the group’s meteoric rise over that last five years. Players will unlock characters, attire parts, titles, and more as they progress. Check out the complete list below to see if your favorites made the cut.


  • NXT TakeOver – Charlotte Flair w/ Ric Flair v. Natalya w/Bret Hart
  • NXT TakeOver: Rival – Sasha Banks v. Charlotte Flair v. Bayley v. Becky Lynch
  • NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn – Bayley v. Sasha Banks
  • Night of Champions 2015 – Charlotte Flair w/Paige & Becky Lynch v. Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella & Alicia Fox
  • WrestleMania 32 – Charlotte Flair w/Ric Flair v. Becky Lynch v. Sasha Banks
  • RAW – Sasha Banks v. Charlotte w/Dana Brooke
  • Backlash – Becky Lynch v. Alexa Bliss v. Carmella v. Naomi v. Natalya v. Nikki Bella
  • Hell in a Cell – Charlotte Flair v. Sasha Banks
  • Elimination Chamber – Becky Lynch v. Mickie James
  • RAW – Bayley v. Charlotte Flair
  • Fastlane – Sasha Banks v. Nia Jax
  • WrestleMania 33 – Bayley v. Charlotte Flair v. Nia Jax v. Sasha Banks
  • WrestleMania 34 – Charlotte Flair v. Asuka
  • Evolution – Becky Lynch v. Charlotte Flair
  • WrestleMania 35 – Becky Lynch v. Charlotte Flair v. Ronda Rousey

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  1. I’m gonna pick up 2k20, my first since 2k17, but I really wish I had more interest in this showcase. The mode itself I love, but playing as the same few wrestlers for all matches gets stale. (Ie. playing as Austin for every single match in 2k16 vs playing through a large roster in wwe13).
    And in the two I just mentioned, what made them interesting as a showcase was that they emulated the actual matches which had big spots, wrestler debut’s, shocking moments, etc.... but correct me if I am wrong, and I very well could be because I’m not as familiar with most of these women’s matches that are listed, but aren’t they mostly just good matches, and not so much characterized by big spots which is what makes up the cut scenes and mini games in the previous showcases?
    I am cool with it being about the women’s evolution, but instead of it being solely about the 4 Horsewomen, it would have been nice to show some earlier progression (Alundra Blayze, Chyna winning the IC title, Trish-Lita, etc).
    I'm glad this mode is solely focused on the Horsewomen and, unlike the televised product, isn't pretending the Bellas were part of the Revolution (when talent like the Horsewomen, AJ Lee, and Paige were rebukes to Instagram models pretending to be wrestlers).

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