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WWE 2K Series Will Continue, Now Working Directly With 2K to Address Quality Issues

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K Series Will Continue, Now Working Directly With 2K to Address Quality Issues

DualShockers had a write up from the recent Take-Two earnings call, and it included an interesting tidbit from Take-Two Interactive’s CEO Strauss Zelnick. He stated that Visual Concepts, now the sole developer of the WWE 2K series, is working more closely with 2K to address the game’s quality issues. In other words, the WWE 2K series will continue.

“While we’re disappointed that WWE 2K20 did not meet our expectations, both in terms of sales and quality, 2K is actively working with Visual Concepts to ensure that these issues are addressed in the future, and they’ll have more to share on their plans soon,” said Zelnick.

Zelnick went on to say that while WWE 2K20 did not meet expectations, the company plans to continue to grow the series.

“The WWE brand continues to expand worldwide, and there remains a substantial long-term opportunity to grow our WWE 2K series by improving the quality of the game.”

So at this point it’s safe to say the series will not be canceled. Rumors of cancellation were rampant on social media after a messy release. However, these rumors were unfounded at the time and were pure speculation.

wwe 2k series will continue roman reigns

This is a positive sign for the series. With 2K themselves directly involved, I would imagine the game can get back to improving over the next few years.

The other wrinkle is this did also impact WWE’s bottom line as they cited lower royalties than expected from video game sales. One would imagine, WWE themselves would be very bullish on 2K fixing this mess. So you also have to wonder how much of this new relationship comes via a mandate from WWE.

In the mean time, we will have to see what plays out. It will be interesting to see if WWE 2K21 will release on the new consoles this fall. I could see a situation where they take the year off to improve the debut of the game on the new systems.


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  1. I paid $45 for the deluxe version. I don’t regret it. When the DLC kept dragging out and then the originals were introduced. I felt $45 was right since it was $15 less than full price and gave me Hogan, Foley and Fiend. 
    If we get originals instead of actual WWE packs next year I may skip altogether. I just can’t believe they spent so much on that commercial at the expense of the game. Typical recent WWE 
    The only thing that would be even remotely acceptable at this point is to refund everyone who bought this mess of a game. I know a lot of people who have soured on this series because of this years game and feel cheated, lied to, and ultimately ripped off. I personally skipped this year but feel bad for anyone who purchased.
    If 2K simply thinks that making an empty statement like this is going to bring people back next year, I think they are going to be unpleasantly surprised
    Yea, I'm definitely holding out longer next year to see what the game has to offer before I buy it. I don't like this "originals" stuff much at all. We'll see. 
    Don't feel bad. If you did a minimum of research you know from beforehand the game was a disaster. If you still purchase or don't cancel your preorder despite that and fail to demand your refund before the, what, 2 hour?, mark is over (probably after 3 crashes already), you have no right on a refund.
    People have to learn not to buy these crapgames. If you continue to throw your money at devs and demand a better WWE game you're gonna get more crap in the future. This is not how the economy works. They decide to release a crap product. You hold out. They learn to improve or profits keep decreasing. If they keep releasing crap another company will step up (AEW game?) and will take their audience away from them.
    What exactly is so bad about this game? Has the actual gameplay gotten worse? Or is this strictly issues with servers, and creations mode glitching, and technical sorts of things? 2K19 was the best gameplay in the series. As long as I can download CAWs, and play matches, thats enough for me. Then again, why not just stick with 2k19 in tht case. It sounds like it hasn't improved, and may have gotten worse?

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