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Who Did You Hit Your First Home Run With in MLB The Show 20?


MLB The Show 20

Who Did You Hit Your First Home Run With in MLB The Show 20?

Just something fun to see the responses on. Let us know who you hit your first home run with, in MLB The Show 20.

Who did you hit it off of? How far did it go? Give us the details.


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  1. Scott Kingery hit a two-run shot in the 6th inning of the first game of my Phillies franchise.
    The blast gave us a one run lead and was the turning point in the game. We wound up winning 7-4 against the Marlins.
    Playing as the twins. Went down 1-2-3 in the first inning. Led off the second with a Nelson Cruz moon shot. Perfect perfect. The sound of the bat was so satisfying. I ended up winning 6-5 in 12 innings. Hit 4 solo shots which is more than I would like but that Cruz long ball was my only perfect perfect of the game
    Griffey Jr off of Maddux in a DD game on Hall of Fame against a friend. Also hit a perfect- perfect dinger with Nelson Cruz later in the game. Still lost 4-5. I hadn't played a Show game since 17 when Griffey Jr was on the cover so there was plenty of rust.
    Ketel marte 421 ft no doubter. 101 exit velo. I am doing a diamondbacks M2O before I start my franchise to knock the rust of and get used to the new mechanics. Out of about 10 M2O events it’s still th e only homer I have hit though
    Elvis Andrus, play now, vs Verlander, bottom of the first at the new stadium. Left field wall scraper. Next batter was a Gallo 448 foot moon shot.... only 2 of the first game.
    March to October, dynamic difficulty, Opening Day, Luis Urias to left field off of Yu Darvish. Second HR was Yelich off of Ryan Tepera, no doubter into the RF bullpen.
    Jorge Soler off Scherzer in DD conquest. Then pinch hit Donaldson for my pitcher the next at at bat. Went back to back homers on hall of fame.
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    I played a game of Diamond Dynasty with my buddy to open the year and I hit my first home run in the bottom of the ninth with El Hombre. Albert Pujols
    Freddie Freeman in a Play Now game. My only run in the 8th inning of a 2-1 loss. It was a TOWERING shot. I’ve never seen a home run like this in the game. It took forever to come down and landed on the ledge of the wall a whopping 338ft down the right field line. It was glorious!
    Hit a moonshot with Brian Goodwin vs Madison Bumgarner in my first swing in this year's game! I was playing Showdown to try it out and all I needed to do was get on base during the first inning.
    Solo shot to lead off the 2nd with Vlad Jr. off Lance McCullers. Got the “That Felt Good!” trophy leading off the 3rd with Cavan “Keith Law says I cant hit” Biggio.
    Hyun Jin Ryu hung a curveball down the middle and I put it 409ft deep in left field on the 2nd pitch of the game with J.D. Martinez. Hit 1 more with JDM and 2 with Bogaerts before it was all said and done.
    Finally, I hit my first HR...a top of the 9th pinch hit 2-run HR with Josh Phegley off Josh Hader to beat the Brewers 5-4 in the rubber game of the season’s opening series!

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    Jarrod Dyson, very first pitch I saw in the entire game. HOF dynamic difficulty. To RF in Globe Park off of Jordan Lyles.
    I was so bummed it happened like that I had to go and make sure the difficulty wasn’t on beginner right away, it ruined the moment. Haven’t hit another HR since. But I am averaging 5+ perfect/perfects per game.
    On the road with Minnesota Twins DH Nelson Cruz off of Oakland A’s lefty Sean Manaea. Top of the 6th, 0-2 count, 1 out, Jorge Polanco on first. 375 feet to left field to take the 2-0 lead.
    Very next pitch, went deep with Josh Donaldson to left, 385 feet.
    Back to back HRs. Not a bad way to start.
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    First at bat in the game, Ronald Acuna Jr on a 0-2 hanging slider with contact swing. That was the moment i knew just how much better the sound of the bat is in this game. Hit another homerun with Acuna in the 6th on a 3-1 changeup.
    Catcher Danny Jansen in my first game of MLB20. I think it was on rookie though, as I beat the Rays 9-0.
    I'll re post when I play on a respectable difficulty.
    Technically, Mike Yastrzemski in a showdown match-up. First pitch of the year too. It was on the tutorial showdown, so I feel like that's a gimmie.
    Outside of that, the honor goes to Brandon Lowe. Hit a moonshot in a conquest game with him.
    Cavan Biggio, 403ft moonshot at Rogers Centre. I was down 8-1, that shot brought me up 8-3 in 5th. (Fielders couldn’t play which’s why I’m losing badly. Not urgent enough on some plays and a ball dropped behind a outfielder waiting to catch it )
    But yeah Mr. Biggio has a sweet swing.
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    Austin Hays went right field yard off Matt Shoemaker @ The Rogers Centre. Was legit looking forward to playing with Hays this year and he's been really fun so far.
    This is honestly the best MLB game I've ever played
    The man who should have won the 2019 AL MVP (Trout had better numbers but those numbera were empty, still great player though) because he carried a team that was decimated by injuries and played where ever they need him to (except pitcher):
    DJ LeMaheiu: Perfect-Perfect to dead center
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