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What Teams Are Rising and Falling in MLB 19 The Show

Paul Goldschmidt joins the St. Louis Cardinals

MLB The Show 18

What Teams Are Rising and Falling in MLB 19 The Show

In the current era of three true outcomes, it may only take one strategic transaction to transform your roster for the next 10 years. So far, the MLB offseason is home to several trades between buyers and sellers that will make a significant impact in both franchise and online play in MLB 19 The Show.

Each trade during this offseason has included a winner, loser, and sometimes a wash, but all these trades will have an impact in The Show, whether that be on the offensive or defensive side of the diamond.

Let’s look at which offseason trades will affect MLB 19 The Show teams the most (at least so far).

The Cincinnati Reds and the LA Dodgers (Potential Wash)

The Reds now have a considerable amount of added power to help boost their struggling batting lineup. The additions of Matt Kemp, who is coming off a solid 2018 season, and Yasiel Puig, who packs some original flavor into every trip to the plate, should be add some intrigue to the Reds. Joining a batting lineup that includes Joey Votto and Scooter Gennett, Kemp and Puig will allow you to utilize them in late-inning clutch moments that make the Reds an attractive option in The Show. The Reds were also able to add the left arm of  Alex Wood to their rotation, which could help keep them in games long enough for the clutch hitting to pay off.

The Dodgers remain solid after trading with the Cincinnati Reds, but the move by LA looks to influence Bryce Harper to sign with them. The Dodgers still maintain a fantastic hitting lineup with, Turner, Bellinger and more, so the fact that they were able to clear some space allows them some more freedom during the remainder of the offseason.

The Arizona Diamondbacks (Loser) And St. Louis Cardinals (Winner)

The Arizona Diamondbacks and the St Louis Cardinals connected on a blockbuster deal midway through this offseason that sends power-hitting first baseman Paul Goldschmidt to the NL Central. Paul Goldschmidt was a major contributor for the D-Backs once again last season, leading the team with 33 home runs.  David Peralta and A.J. Pollock will be next men up in the power category for the Diamondbacks, who will now need to rely on more situational hitting with runners on base to create offense over nine innings. This is will be struggle in the NL West as both the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies possess solid offensive lineups that will challenge the Diamondbacks to keep pace

In MLB 19 The Show, you will be able to utilize Paul Goldschmidt at first and have the flexibility of Matt Carpenter to play multiple positions. The Cardinals can also creatively utilize Goldschmidt and Carpenter against a variety of pitching matchups — not to mention Marcell Ozuna.

The New York Mets (Winner) And Seattle Mariners (Losers)

The New York Mets made a move to compete with their brother in the Bronx by agreeing on an offseason trade with the Seattle Mariners. Robinson Cano returns to the New York area, as well as top-flight closer Edwin Diaz. Robinson Cano is a stable player in The Show but missed half of last season due to a PED suspension. But there’s good news for MLB The Show gamers, PEDs don’t prevent us from filling the lineups. On the pitching side of things, Diaz fires out a fastball that touches 100 MPH, and he has a quick slider to get hitters off balance. Using the New York Mets in franchise mode in MLB 19 would be a true test of your ability to compete within the National League.

The Seattle Mariners certainly dished out a lot of talent in their three-team trade with the New York Mets and the Tampa Bay Rays. Other than the removal of Robinson Cano, they also packed up and sent out Jean Segura. Segura led the team in hits, run, and batting average and was a great base stealer to have at the top of the lineup. But wait, there’s more! James Paxton was also shipped out to the Yankees and was by far the best arm in the rotation for Seattle. Edwin Encarnacion will keep some power in Seattle, but it will be an ultimate challenge to last 162 games with the Mariners.

The New York Yankees (Winner) and Seattle Mariners (Losers)

The Yankees already had a powerful batting lineup involving Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, and now they have acquired southpaw James Paxton. With all roads leading through Boston, the Yankees hope Paxton can aid them in both the regular and postseason. Paxton can be downright dominant in Show, so use him to counteract all lineups as you try to return the Yankees to championship form.

The Washington Nationals (Free Agent Transaction) (Winner)

The Nationals offseason is worth noting because they were able to bring in the top free-agent arm in the market. Patrick Corbin signed with the Washington Nationals to join what will now be one of the most powerful rotations in the MLB. Alongside Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg, Patrick Corbin will bring a powerful left arm to Washington to help push the Nationals through the Dodgers and into the World Series. The National possess a solid batting lineup that will be good enough to consistently push across three or four runs, which may be all they need to do when their top three arms are on the mound.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with any team who has gotten in on the trade bonanza from this offseason. The best part of gaming, and gaming in MLB The Show, is the unique challenges you’ll encounter throughout your season. Test your ability with teams that lack numbers, or try a power franchise and put it back on top. The best part about the experience is the fun you’ll have along the way.

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