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Top 30 Superstar Requests for WWE 2K20 - Who's In So Far? (Update: Full Roster Revealed)

WWE 2K20

Top 30 Superstar Requests for WWE 2K20 - Who's In So Far? (Update: Full Roster Revealed)

Over the course of the last month, we released a countdown featuring 30 superstars from WWE’s past and present who deserved to make an appearance in WWE 2K20. Be it for their accomplishments, lack of representation or simply their lasting impact on the industry, these were stars who would make amazing inclusions.

We now have the entire launch day roster to sift through, and a total of four superstars will be making the jump from our list into the 2K fold. This is a small number, but any of them would have been a significant addition. As Visual Concepts comes into its own, we may update the Top 30 list next year to see what the studio can pull out of the hat.
1. Chyna (#3 On List)
The Ninth Wonder of the World is making her way to WWE 2K20 after finally being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of DX. A fantastic year of recognition for Chyna and an awesome addition to the women’s division should you snag the Deluxe or Collector’s editions.
2. Tommaso Ciampa (#4 On List)
Not bad, checking off two of the top five from the list. The Blackheart recently made his surprise return to NXT, just in time to return to Full Sail’s digital arena after a glaring absence from WWE 2K19.
3. X-Pac (#24 On List)
X-Pac joined the DX crew for a Hall of Fame inclusion this year and has been a consistent presence at anniversary and special events. One of the most underrated superstars of all time, ‘Kid’ rejoins the roster for WWE 2K20.
4. Molly Holly (#25 On List)
One of the most beloved female performers in WWE history, the deceptively talented Molly Holly joins the WWE 2K20 roster. With her recent performances in the Royal Rumble and Evolution, Molly is charming viewers all over again and is a welcome addition to 2K.Click below to read the original countdown and be sure to check back as we update the superstars from the list who will be included in WWE 2K20.


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