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Three Ways to Keep FIFA 19 Fresh


Three Ways to Keep FIFA 19 Fresh

It’s been nearly five months since FIFA 19’s release, and for some of us FIFA 19 is either a coaster or collecting dust. For a game that’s been patched to hell, this is completely understandable considering it currently plays nothing like it did at the time of release. But with domestic campaigns across Europe winding down and the Champions League entering the quarterfinals, it’s time to blow off the dust and fire FIFA 19 back up to re-energize your FIFA fandom in these three ways.

1. Try The MLS Out 

Yes, I know the league structure isn’t accurate. Yes, I know there’s no CONCACAF Champions League. But I also know that MLS is one of the more exciting leagues in the world when it comes to drama.

Plus, with the importation of aging European stars and an emerging younger generation of Americans who grew up on the beautiful game, the MLS is starting to be recognized for the solid league it is. Despite only having four stadiums, the MLS in FIFA 19 does have all of the teams with their licensed kits and even the licensed ball. One of these in-game stadiums belongs to current MLS title holders in Atlanta United, and if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing their fan in action, you will know that this is one of the best home venues in the world.

Take the reins and see if you can repeat, or head out to LA and return the LA Galaxy to their once-dominant selves, or take LAFC — the new kids on the block — for a spin. Whatever option you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy footy on American soil.

2. Rebuild Real Madrid

The current Champions League holders had a tumultuous offseason. First their manager, the legendary Zidane, retired and was replaced by two managers. Both have since been let go, and now Zizou has returned to the touchline. Second, the galactico of all galacticos Cristiano Ronaldo bid the Santiago Bernabeu adieu as he left for the Italian giants Juventus. Third, they brought in former Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois, despite having Keylor Navas and his four Champions League titles in-between the posts.

While Courtois is certainly a world-class keeper and flirted with Madrid every chance he got, many around the Spanish capital were perfectly content with the Costa Rican international and deemed Courtois a surplus purchase. With all that being said, the squad is in dire need of a refresh as several of their key players during this glorious five-year run are getting up there in age. Luka Modric, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos and Marcelo are all on the wrong side of 30, and while they do have a few promising youngsters on the squad, namely Vinicius Jr. and Marco Asensio, there’s a big need for some fresh faces around the Bernabeu.

Are you the right person to manage Real with the pressure to win now and rebuild at the same time? Only you can be the judge of that.

3. Switch Camera Angles

The majority of us FIFA connoisseurs stick to the default camera angle when playing FIFA, and while there’s nothing wrong with it, there are some immersive details we’re severely missing out on.

First, the stadiums, especially if you’re lucky enough to select a side that has its authentic stadium details, often go unappreciated in the default camera view. Yes, the default camera has its advantages, namely being that you can see the good majority of the pitch. However, once you fire up a good rivalry like Barcelona-Real Madrid, you miss out on the screaming fans and the beauty that the official stadium has to offer.

Secondly, the attention to detail relating to kits, player faces, body models and tattoos aren’t as prominent when playing from a zoomed out angle. Furthermore, as footy fans, we’re used to watching games from broadcast angles so why not use a camera like “broadcast” to replicate what you see on TV. Yes, this might hurt manual control users at first, but it’s nothing a little time can’t cure. With a little time and patience, it’s almost like you’re playing a new game.

While we’re still a long ways away from FIFA 20, there’s still some fun to be had with FIFA 19 before you retire it.

What are your FIFA 19 plans as you wait for the FIFA 20 to release?

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