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Three for June: Non Mainstream Sports Games Worth Playing


Three for June: Non Mainstream Sports Games Worth Playing

This month’s collection of three non-mainstream recommendations is heavy on the racing components of sports games. If you missed last month’s list, check it out here (hint: there’s some great games on our Three for May list).

For June, we dive into a couple of older games you may have overlooked as well as a game beginning to come into its own. Check them out below!

Pick 1: Trials Fusion

This is an older game, but Trials Fusion is available for PS Plus subscribers for free through June. ¬†This racing game that’s part side scrolling action-strategy gives you nearly unlimited gameplay and will challenge your brain and reflexes to the max. And you’ll get angry sometimes, but also elated when you finish runs. If you’ve never played the Trials franchise, you can’t beat the introductory price of free. Give it a shot.

Pick 2: Descenders

This title debuted on Steam Early Access first, then found its way onto Xbox Game Preview. This is a similar title to Trials but a hair bit more raw than Trials due to it being a newer title still under development. However, the procedural courses and varying challenges along with solid control makes Descenders a really good choice to test your mind and stick skills this summer.

Pick 3: TT Isle of Man

This game originally released in March and we reviewed it here. This game features top-notch racing, bike physics, and AI. Its a near perfect blend of sim/arcade racing, with enough elements of each to make it hard to define. The sense of speed is real (and immense) and you’ll find yourself easily addicted to the racing in this game if you let it. The big shortcoming is the game isn’t very deep modes wise — but as the price lowers this summer the value you get in return only increases.

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