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Three For the Summer: What Three Indie Games You Should Be Playing This Month

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18

Three For the Summer: What Three Indie Games You Should Be Playing This Month

Everyone in Sports Gaming has their calendars marked for the big AAA game releases.

In fact, you can set your watch to them. But in the in-between times, or for the sports gamer who simply wants to try something a little different, we are going to start a new feature monthly which gives you recommendations on some different sports game experiences.

This month’s recommendations are all pretty summer sports themed, and they’re possibly games you’ve heard of as we’ve reviewed two out of the three already here on Operation Sports.

Pick 1: Out of the Park Baseball 19

Yours truly recently reviewed this one and its my first pick for you if you want to try something new as we head into summer.

Out of the Park is a text-based simulation (with more graphics than you’d expect from a game like this) that allows you to basically play any historical season you could imagine — right up to the current one. If that’s not enough you can basically design your own baseball universe in any way you want. Want to see how many homers Babe Ruth would’ve hit if the game in his era was played with modern statistical trends? Doable.

If you are a baseball fan who loves stats or the business side of the game — this is a must buy.

Pick 2: Super Mega Baseball 2

The original is back and much improved!

Joel recently reviewed this one (check out his full thoughts there), but you can bet there’s a lot you can enjoy from this title. ¬†Available on Steam, Xbox, and Playstation — this arcade baseball game has quick hitting action but its also got a realism streak that keeps the action generally grounded. Think of this game as if Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball was updated and modernized.

Highly recommended, especially if you are a baseball starved Xbox fan.

Pick 3: Casey Powell Lacrosse 18

I recently began working on this review but I have played enough to confidently say that if you want something truly different in your gaming repertoire this is a sport to check out.

I reviewed last year’s edition and found it above average but not quite ready to hit the big time — but this year’s game seems to have improved upon the fundamentals and really seems a lot more fluid. If you are a sports gamer looking to try something new with a sport that’s pretty fun to play: this is definitely the one to check out.

Recommended for anything wanting to try a new sport out entirely.


Have a suggestion for next month’s pick three? Tweet me @ChrisSnr.¬†

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