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Team Affinity Stage 4 in MLB The Show 20 - All Players, Collections, Conquest Maps, Moments

team affinity stage 4

MLB The Show 20

Team Affinity Stage 4 in MLB The Show 20 - All Players, Collections, Conquest Maps, Moments

Team Affinity Stage 4 should be the last piece of sizable content we get for MLB The Show 20‘s Diamond Dynasty mode. While I assume we might get another extended inning program, this TA set should be the last infusion of copious amounts of cards all at once. If that ends up being the case, I just want to congratulate SDS on another very good year for DD. There’s always room for improvement, but the developers made the best out of a weird situation due to all the uncertainty in both MLB and the world this cycle.

Team Affinity Stage 4

So what we get with this new Team Affinity set are the Finest card for each team, plus some collection rewards that lead to more cards. On top of that, we have new stat missions, Conquest maps, card packs and moments.

Team Affinity Stage 4 Rewards

TA Stage 4 kicks off at 200 points and goes to 300 points. The rewards structure is as follows:

TA Stage 4 setup

  • 200 points – 3,000 stubs
  • 210 points – Team Affinity packs (x5)
  • 220 points – 5,000 stubs
  • 230 points – Ballin Is A Habit pack
  • 240 points – Team-Specific Finest card
  • 250 points – Finest choice pack
  • 260 points – Elite Ducks On The Pond choice pack
  • 270 points – Ballin Is A Habit pack (x5)
  • 280 points – Beach Ball choice pack
  • 290 points – 10,000 stubs
  • 300 points – Finest Choice pack (rare guaranteed)

It’s a very friendly rewards structure, which makes sense because it’s just us crazies hanging around at this point. In addition, these cards are sellable like the Team Affinity Stage 3 cards were.

TA Stage 4 Mission Structure

Every team has a similar way to earn TA points — and it’s very similar to prior TA structures:

  • 250 innings with a team (+5 points and repeatable)
  • 150 innings online with a team (+2 points and repeatable)
  • Using the Face of the Franchise player from TA Stage 3 for a a mission (+5 points)
  • One team-based stat mission (+5 points)
  • MLB Showdown exchange (beat the MLB Showdown and get 5 tickets that are worth +4 points each, which is also repeatable)
  • Exchange players from a team’s rivals (+10 points and repeatable)
  • Beat a team’s Conquest map (+30 points)
  • Complete a team-based Moment that involves the team’s Finest player (+3 points)
  • The same structure for March To October to earn TA points

MLB Showdown

The Showdown for TA Stage 4 has been shortened to just include four mini-Showdowns and a final Showdown. Each mini Showdown is worth 5 runs, or you can skip to the final Showdown (which is on Veteran) and try to score 20 runs before recording 20 outs. Every player you draft will be a Finest hitter. The entry fee is 1,000 stubs. Beating the final Showdown nets you 2,000 stubs, 4,000 XP and the five TA Stage 4 vouchers to use on whatever team you want.

Conquest Maps


There are 30 Conquest maps (one for each team) and all have the same mission structure.

  • Steal 3 million fans
  • Conquer 30 territories
  • Conquer 90 territories
  • Acquire 60 million fans
  • Capture each team’s stronghold (three or four of them on each map)
  • Conquer all strongholds for The Show packs (x5)
  • Complete all missions and conquer every territory for a Finest pack



The same deal here as usual with the moments. There is one for each team, and you get a bonus XP and stubs reward for knocking out all 30.

Team Affinity Stage 4 Players

Here are the 30 Finest players you earn for knocking out every Team Affinity set, plus all the other Finest players who can be earned via packs:

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I’m not going to breakdown every team that has multiple Finest players, but just understand certain players will only be found in the Finest packs and won’t be earned as you run through the TA Stage 4 for that specific team.

Along the way you can also earn five extra Finest players from the Finest Collection:

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  • Pat Neshek (95 overall)
  • Luis Severino (98)
  • Ketel Marte (99)
  • Nolan Arenado (99)
  • Francisco Lindor (99)

Bottom Line

Enjoy the ride and thanks so much for reading all my DD articles this year!

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