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Out of the Park Baseball 21 Patch Adds 2020 MLB 60-Game Season Option


Out of the Park Baseball 21

Out of the Park Baseball 21 Patch Adds 2020 MLB 60-Game Season Option

The latest patch for Out of the Park Baseball 21 is available now, adding the option to choose the 60-game shortened 2020 MLB season when using the “NEW STANDARD GAME” function from the start screen.

Quite a few other additions and fixes were included in the patch. Check out the patch notes below.

  • 3D animation updates: Added animation for rare rundown at 3B. Fixed 2B not tagging base on U4 Groundout. Improved visuals/pbp for infield singles. Improved timing on OF throws.
  • Improved 2020 MLB & international rosters sets (need to create new game for changes to apply)
  • Added option to have a shortened 2020 MLB season to the “New Standard Game” option
  • Added option for extra inning games to start with runner on 2nd
  • Added ability to set an expanded roster limit below the active roster limit
  • Online leagues: enabled option for trading with AI teams (manager submits trade with export, will be processed with the AI choosing the “best” trade for their team if multiple offers)
  • Added option to generate html game log and wpa graph generation to Game dropdown menu (for online league members to generate all logs from recent sims)
  • Added mail notification of sold player contract in Independent Leagues
  • Added options for doing CSV/SQL dumps to online league commissioner automator page. Added option to skip faces.dat from league file upload.


  • Added ability to scroll when on a coach page to next/previous coach from list
  • Added ‘Y’ and ‘N’ as valid inputs for Yes/No confirmation boxes
  • Added tag in world_default.xml to specify global second nation pct (second_nation_rand, can also be specified on each nation to set a custom rate)
  • Improved auto-generation of minor league setup in expansion wizard
  • Increased the number of players which triggers the automatic display of page selectors in sortable lists from 4096 to 8192.
  • PT: added more options to PP History on players
  • PT: quicksell confirmation closes automatically
  • Fixed cannot fire human manager setting in online leagues
  • Fixed issue in online leagues where players released from the international complex were somtimes added to the dfa with 0 days left instead
  • Fixed reverse claim order
  • Fixed bug where preseason predictions were not being passed to GMs in online leagues
  • Fixed news from around the world filters not sticking
  • Fixed bug where schedules weren’t being made for minor league affiliates created when expanding league
  • Fixed bug where selecting to fill minor league affiliates with fictional generated players when expanding league did not do so
  • Fixed some issues with setting draft/scouting/dev budgets while team is over budget
  • Fixed players learning new pitches but having 0 current rating on them
  • Fixed issue where export and import of rosters would cause stuff to rise on relievers
  • Various other minor bugfixes & improvements

Out of the Park Baseball 21 is currently 50% off at $19.99. You can purchase from the official website or from Steam.

If you missed our Out of the Park Baseball 21 review, you can read it here.

I fully understand that sports sims are not for everybody, and without a PC the full experience of the OOTP series is impossible to enjoy. Without question though, if you have a PC that can handle OOTP, then this is a title you should scope out. Rarely do I write something is a “must own” game, but I would put OOTP ’21 in that category for all baseball fans and all sports sim fans. Even if you are just thinking of diving into sports simulation for the first time, you can do no better than starting with the newest edition of this wonderful series. While it might be a huge leap into an unknown world, the payoff is worth it.

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