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Operation Sports Is Looking for Folks Who Want to Create Great Videos

Operation Sports

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Operation Sports Is Looking for Folks Who Want to Create Great Videos

Are you interested in producing high-quality sports gaming content for a massive and hardcore sports gaming community, or are you a streamer who loves to play sports games for an audience of viewers? You may be a good fit for the Operation Sports video team. Can you work with a team to brainstorm, conceptualize, create, voice and edit content? That’s an excellent start. Can you also commit to a part-time schedule and a weekly online meeting? If your answers are yes, then there is even more of a potential match.
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Whether you love NBA 2K, Madden, FIFA, NHL, MLB The Show, PES, EA UFC, WWE 2K or another sports video game, we’re interested in your opinions, best practices and passion for sports gaming.

Here are some other things we’re looking for in candidates:

  • An understanding of what Operation Sports is all about and thus what video content to focus on in order to enrich our audience while still expanding it.
  • Some experience with video editing software, whether that be Adobe, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, etc.
  • An ability to brainstorm video ideas.
  • You must be able to stick to a schedule.


  • Must be a fluent English writer and speaker. You will perhaps have to do voice-over work beyond your own videos.
  • Must be in-tune with the sports gaming community and its various pressure points.
  • You need to have the ability to create at least 3 videos per month. You will have input on what sort of video schedule we approach, but there’s still a bare minimum we’ll need to hit, and you’ll be a big part of it.
  • Preferably an ability to edit videos in your preferred software.
  • Must be able to receive payment via Paypal.
  • Must be willing to collaborate regularly via Slack. You would be working most closely with Brian, Chase, and Steve.
  • You need to be a team player who is able to generate compelling ideas for videos if needed.
  • We hope you’re a passionate sports game fan, ideally someone well versed in multiple sports and games so you can be flexible with assignments, though specialists are welcomed.

Pay will be once per month on a per video basis.

Does This Sound Like Something That Interests You?

To apply, please send the following to [email protected]:

  • Your name
  • Your OS username (if applicable)
  • Your Twitter handle (if applicable)
  • A brief intro about yourself, your experiences and your passion for sports games.
  • A sample video that shows a glimpse of the kind of work you’d like to contribute to the video team. Keep the video 5 minutes or less as this is just meant to be a snippet or preview. Please upload it to a personal YouTube channel and share the link. You may even keep it unlisted so that it is only available to someone who has the direct link. It doesn’t matter if the channel has zero subscribers, or 10,000. It can be all gaming footage with voice over, just you in front of the camera conveying a concept, or a mixture of the two.
  • Submit a brief outline of the kinds of videos you’d like to contribute. Please include the games you consider yourself to be an expert in.

No attachments please (we hate viruses as much as you do).

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