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OhHeyItsScott Putting Together Invaluable Diamond Dynasty Guide on Reddit

diamond dynasty guide

MLB The Show 20

OhHeyItsScott Putting Together Invaluable Diamond Dynasty Guide on Reddit

OhHeyItsScott has been putting together terrific Diamond Dynasty guides all year long on Reddit, and now a lot of the work is being put into a wiki of sorts to help everyone who wants to maximize their time in MLB The Show 20‘s card-collecting mode.

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There are single-player guides here for each of the Inning Showdowns and Team Affinity Showdowns. You also have guides here for Conquest maps and Conquest as a whole.

On the multiplayer front, there are guides for how to be competitive in Ranked Seasons, ways to quickly improve your team, and even how to handle what to pick as you unlock more packs and players as you rack up XP.

There are also links to other external sites like DaddyLeagues so you can track player attributes and know how to flip cards in the community market. All in all, there’s thousands upon thousands of words here to comb through in order to boost your knowledge base in DD.

More will continue to be added to this guide, so whether you’re new to DD or backfilling your collection after going back to old programs, be sure to bookmark this Diamond Dynasty guide for future reference. You can of course always hit up our forums as well to dish on the mode.

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