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Official Madden NFL 20 Roster Update For Week 11 Available, See The Changes Here

Madden NFL 20

Official Madden NFL 20 Roster Update For Week 11 Available, See The Changes Here

Just ahead of the Thursday Night Football game, featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns, the official Madden NFL 20 roster update for week 11 is available now.

These weekly roster updates include changes to player ratings, based off of the previous week’s results, updated depth charts and injuries for all 32 teams. As always, player likeness updates only arrive in title updates, not roster updates.

You can check all of the changes here. We’ve listed some of the changes below. Make sure to check out our official Madden roster FAQ, which answers many of the questions you may have.


  • Christian McCaffrey +1 (Overall 98)
  • Michael Thomas +1 (Overall 97)
  • Dalvin Cook +1 (Overall 94)
  • Amari Cooper +1 (Overall 92)
  • Mike Evans +2 (Overall 92)
  • Everson Griffin +1 (Overall 89)
  • Cameron Heyward +2 (Overall 88)
  • Danielle Hunter +1 (Overall 88)
  • Aaron Jones +1 (Overall 88)
  • Nick Chubb +1 (Overall 87)
  • Chris Godwin +1 (Overall 86)
  • Lamar Jackson +2 (Overall 86)
  • Jack Doyle +1 (Overall 85)
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick +2 (Overall 85)
  • Derrick Henry +1 (Overall 85)
  • William Jackson III +1 (Overall 85)


  • Luke Kuechly -2 (Overall 96)
  • Odell Beckham Jr. -2 (Overall 93)
  • Keenan Allen -1 (Overall 91)
  • Travis Frederick -2 (Overall 91)
  • Tyron Smith -1 (Overall 91)
  • Adam Thielen -1 (Overall 91)
  • T.Y. Hilton -1 (Overall 90)
  • Saquon Barkley -1 (Overall 89)
  • Patrick Peterson -1 (Overall 89)
  • Todd Gurley II -1 (Overall 87)
  • Philip Rivers -2 (Overall 87)
  • Mark Ingram II -1 (Overall 86)
  • Kenny Golladay -1 (Overall 85)

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  1. The 2011 installment of the Madden NFL series headlined new features such as a play-calling system titled "GameFlow", a new game mode titled "Online Team Play", and an assortment of other features. The game was advertised as being "Simpler, Quicker, and Deeper" than previous versions of the game. The superstar mode for the Wii version was removed from this Madden installment.
    what excactly did mark ingram do to loose AWR and go down 1 overall?

    Same with Kenny Golladay, he has his first somewhat quiet week in a few weeks in a game where we were missing our staring QB. By quiet I mean he still had 3 receptions for 57 yards and a TD, is leading the league in td receptions and he goes down. Meanwhile I know he was hurt and missed last week but Stafford has been pretty much single handedly carrying the offense and hasn’t gotten any love since the week 7 roster update even though he proceeded to have 3 of his best games of the season weeks 7, 8, & 9. I’m not asking for him to be in the 90’s even but come one with the year he’s having he should be in to the mid 80’s like an 85. He’s number 2 in the league in both yards per game and touchdowns and is top 5 in QBR. Who knows anymore with this ratings team, the last few years as the game has had a bigger presence on social media the ratings have become more of a popularity contest.
    Derrick Henry is not an every down back, so mid 80s is probably about right, but he consistently ranks in the fastest on field players whenever he breaks one free (he was 3rd behind Hill and Hardman of the Chiefs in week 10 with his top speed metric) - his speed needs to go up considerably, something like 95, where as the acceleration etc can stay the same at high 80's.

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