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NHL 19 '99 Edition' Launches Today - Custom Gretzky Cover Art, 8 Gold Packs & Much More

NHL 19

NHL 19 '99 Edition' Launches Today - Custom Gretzky Cover Art, 8 Gold Packs & Much More

EA Sports has announced their NHL 19 ‘99 Edition’, a limited time digital download on PS4 and Xbox One, paying homage to The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. Check out what’s included below, along with the full press release.

  • NHL 19 ‘99 Edition’ Digital Download (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Limited time edition custom Gretzky cover
  • Choice of one-of-five Gretzky player items as a permanent addition to your roster (Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, New York Rangers or Team Canada)
  • Eight gold packs
  • Choice of one-of-six NHL legends (Mark Messier, Guy Lafleur, Marcel Dionne, Mats Sundin, Peter Forsberg or Brett Hull)

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) pays homage to Wayne Gretzky with the announce and launch of the EA SPORTS™ NHL® 19 ‘99 Edition’, available worldwide today for a limited time as a digital download on the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. The 99 Edition features new cover art of The Great One himself and added benefits in Hockey Ultimate Team™ (HUT) including the choice of one-of-five Gretzky player items as a permanent addition to one’s rosters, eight gold packs and the choice of one-of-six NHL legends. There’s no better time for gamers to jump into “one of the year’s top sports releases,” according to Bleacher Report.

The NHL 19 ‘99 Edition’ comes with the option of one-of-five Wayne Gretzky player items from the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, New York Rangers or Team Canada for gamers to add to their HUT roster. Additionally, gamers can choose one-of-six NHL legends to add to their HUT roster, including Mark Messier, Guy Lafleur, Marcel Dionne, Mats Sundin, Peter Forsberg or Brett Hull. Gamers can pair their choice legend with Gretzky, as well as over 200 Legends and alumni available to play in HUT, to form a dynamic line-up of all-time greats.

“It’s such an honor to be recognized in this great way,” said Wayne Gretzky. “NHL 19 is an incredible gateway for hockey fans to play and enjoy the sport in a way that allows them complete freedom to live out their fantasies in the sport. Being able to pair legendary players like Mario Lemieux, Teemu Selanne, and Peter Forsberg with the current day stars like Connor McDavid and P.K Subban on a single roster is a dream that can only be realized in a video game. I’m thrilled to be part of that.”

The Great One will feel as dominant as ever on the ice, thanks to Real Player Motion (RPM) technology, redefining player movement and control. A new physics collision technology adds to gameplay innovation to create jaw-dropping hits that are more life-like, varied, situationally contextual and satisfying. Providing a true blast from the past, Gretzky joins a roster of over 200 playable legends and alumni, the largest contingent of available legends in EA SPORTS NHL history.

In NHL® 19, players can compete on outdoor ponds under a unified progression hub called World of CHEL that unites EA SPORTS Hockey League, NHL® THREES Drop-In and two new game modes, NHL® ONES and Pro-Am. NHL® ONES pits three players against each other in a festival-like king of the hill tournament featuring fast-paced, 1v1v1, free-for-all fun, with no rules and no stoppages. Players win games to rank up to new outdoor locations and defend their position on daily leaderboards. Progression and rewards earned in World of CHEL can be applied to each player’s Create-A-Character, allowing them to personalize their gameplay with new player traits and abilities, as well as express their individuality with over 900 new customization items.

EA SPORTS NHL® 19 ‘99 Edition’ is available now worldwide. EA Access subscribers on Xbox One can play NHL® 19 free for up to 10 hours and receive a 10% discount on purchase of the full game*.

NHL® 19 is ESRB rated E10+ and available now worldwide on PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One. For more information on EA SPORTS NHL, visit the website at


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  1. Jatt96
    Slap in the face to all hoping for legends offline.

    They wont release the legends in offline play they want people to pay
    and I for one will never pay and ill tell you why I do not play online nor do I care to play online. I bought this game every year but this is the first that i am passing , there really is not enough new things for me to actually think its a new game just a roster update with a few game tweaks.
    This game needs new direction the goalie masks are terrible and no user creation the cyberfaces they add are very minimal every year, no roster sharing no sharing at all of anything, player models are too big compared to the ice they occupy the goalies are all the same size they need tons of different player models a million different puck sounds when they hit the bar or backboards the puck needs to go a million different directions when it goes off the bar and the puck should go weird ways that cause un planned breakaways I would also like to see some kinda computer errors on there coverage the cpu players are always in right place players do not slip.
    And I bet everyone is tired of seeing passes by the cpu and watching the cpu do one timers when there not even looking I for one would like to see player awareness icons on the cpu players so that you can not pass to them until there aware otherwise the puck will just go hit the boards or go over there sticks or hit there skates. The players on the ice can not be always aware of whats going on there is no human error in this hockey game and that is what hockey is about
    One of the most exciting things in hockey is the faceoff its powerful there should be fights in the circle for it and broken sticks from it , and all the players should have there own scoring celebration more signature moves for the superstars way more breakaway chances and breakaway camera and line changes should never happen when your on the offensive advantage , how many times have you passed it to a dude who happens to go off the ice as you pass it to him ?
    happens to me a lot when I have it on auto and where are the penalties for to many men on ice its not even possible in this game along with a lot of other things that can happen in a hockey game.
    and what about the physicality of hockey i find it hard to make contact with the cpu you wiff so many times and this year is even worse i know i have seen many people talk about it on youtube .
    the game needs more authentic arena music and the actual teams intros as well as use of the jumbotrons on replays and commentary needs to talk more about what is going on during the season as far as where teams are headed
    more one on one talk about your players and stats stats stats a true tv style presentation , you also should be able to cut players on your roster i myself
    trade as many as i can to a team and take one player back just so i can have open spots i should not have to do all that i should be able to just cut the players that i do not want. more accurate Ice i would rather see the actual stuff on every teams ice than stupid ads on the boards .
    But I will go out on a limb and tell you next year will be a big year for this game as they will finally use frostbite and add it to origin for pc use then I will buy the game, they rolled out Madden this year and next will be this hockey game they want people to subscribe and there gonna need another game to entice and it will be this one mark my words its coming.

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