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NBA Playgrounds Update Available For PS4 & PC - Adds 3-Point Contest, New Rebounding System & More

NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds Update Available For PS4 & PC - Adds 3-Point Contest, New Rebounding System & More

More free content is coming later this summer for NBA Playgrounds. Saber Interactive has just released a new trailer showing off the 3-point contest and mentions 33 new players are coming, along with a new rebounding system, friend invites and more.

UPDATE: (7-25) The new NBA Playgrounds update is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC. No word on official release date for Xbox One and/or Nintendo Switch.

Here are the full details.

New Features:

  • The following players were added: Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Rick Barry, Tim Duncan, Brandon Jennings, Brandon Knight, Deron Williams, Derrick Favors, Gerald Green, Iman Shumpert, Jeff Green, Josh Richardson, Kenneth Faried, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Khris Middleton, Michael Carter-Williams, Mike Miller, Timofey Mozgov, Trevor Ariza, Tristan Thompson, Tyson Chandler, Bob Pettit, Jerry Lucas, Lenny Wilkens, J.R. Smith, Danny Green, J.J. Redick, Wilson Chandler, Alex Len, Dario Saric and Baron Davis
  • The following players can now be played on a second team, in which they played during their career: Chris Paul (New Orleans Pelicans), Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets), Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks), Ray Allen (Boston Celtics), Luol Deng (Chicago Bulls), Dennis Rodman (Chicago Bulls), Tim Hardaway (Golden State Warriors), Scottie Pippen (Houston Rockets), Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic), Goran Dragic (Phoenix Suns), Shawn Marion (Phoenix Suns), Jason Kidd (Phoenix Suns), Grant Hill (Phoenix Suns), LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland Blazers), DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings), Wilt Chamberlain (San Francisco Warriors) and Vince Carter (Toronto Raptors)
  • The following Playgrounders join the Playgrounders team: Ian Eagle, EJ “The Mayor” Johnson, Agent 00, Shake4ndBake and HipHopGamer
  • Added: Friends’ invitation system
  • Added: 1 vs. 1 Unranked matches (in all game modes), using the matchmaking algorithm, but players don’t risk losing any ranking points or changing their ELO
  • Added: 3-Point Contest
  • A new way to compete online. Challenge your opponent to find out who can hit the most 3-Pointers
  • Added: A short steal and push protection when changing characters was added for the Client player in an online match to reduce the Host advantage

Notable Changes:

  • Adjusted: Pushes are no longer effective once the shot attempt is made and the player jumped.
  • Changed: The difficulty of the tournaments was reduced
  • Changed: The lightning ball can now be blocked by a player just like any other shot
  • Changed: The experience gain during the tournaments was increased and slightly decreased for online matches.
  • Improved: The rebound system was reworked and improved to better reflect the intended game style and to make it understandable

Notable Fixes:

  • Fixed: Several issues that caused Desyncs during Online Game Sessions
  • Fixed: An issue that could prevent a player from joining an Online Match after aborting a former matchmaking search right after it succeeded
  • Fixed: Height and Weight stats of the Playgrounders in the metric system
  • Fixed: An issue that could freeze the game, after winning the Tokyo tournament

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  1. 33 new players ???
    I still can't unlock the last batch .....
    Also, how is this a new rebounding system ?? They just added a big dot in the floor, or am I missing something ?
    33 new players ???
    I still can't unlock the last batch .....
    Also, how is this a new rebounding system ?? They just added a big dot in the floor, or am I missing something ?

    The dot is like the shadow of the ball. Now we will know where the ball is and can get in position to jump for the rebound.
    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    I stopped playing after last patch so I didn't hate it after the feedback but loving the ball shadow that'll help loads
    also looks like Kareem is coming or do my eyes deceive me?? 
    Please dont burst my bubble 
    Finally got some new players
    Pulled toronto Vince carter on the first pack (they put the wrong jersey on him, that's from like 04-05, because it says raptors on the front, if should say toronto on the front, that jersey is from 99-00).
    The rebounding fix was good.
    They should've updated traded players to thier new teàms
    The 3 point shootout is terrible, why is the shooting rythm/ timing different then the regular game. ?
    Pappy Knuckles
    I think the 3 point challenge is fun. The timing aspect makes it interesting. The next thing I'd like to see added is 2 vs. 2 online games.

    After playing more 3 point contest. Yes it is fun. BUT, they should've have put the meter on the screen. I can easily see perfect scores happening once people get the timing down.
    It should've been no meter, strictly feel/timing.
    I picked this game up the other week and have to admit, I'm having trouble getting into it. This is coming from a guy who absolutely loved NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. I don't know what to say, except the gameplay isn't clicking for me yet. The dunks are kinda unsatisfying and the rebounding seems overly difficult, even with the new indicator.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Or is Playgrounds basically "NBA Jam-worthy" once everything clicks?

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