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NBA Playgrounds Update Coming Soon For Nintendo Switch

NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds Update Coming Soon For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch fans have been waiting for a new NBA Playgrounds update for quite some time. Today, the team announced a new version has been sent to certification and could arrive in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

A new version of NBA Playgrounds on the Switch is heading to certification within a week – the team has been working hard on this radical solution to include all the free updates the other platforms received, so that all Switch players can receive those free updates. We’re sorry it took this long, we haven’t forgotten about you, but making additions to the game was more complicated than we thought. We aren’t giving up, and will share more news on this including details as soon as we have it!

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  1. Great news - have this on Xbox and recently picked up and switch and this and glad the extra stuff I coming. Especially the duplicate card fix as that's been driving me insane! 
    Does anyone actually continue to play this game after originally getting suckered into buying it? The art style and card collecting component are pretty cool, but this is hands down one of the worst Arcade basketball games that I have ever played. The shooting / dunking button precision requirement is just down right frustrating. Also, it is awfully difficult to block shots and get rebounds. This just doesn't play right, especially when you have lived through playing games like NBA Jam, NBA Hangtime, NBA Showtime, NBA Street.
    This is less than $7 on PSN. Is it worth getting for that price?

    Maybe at $7... maybe. I bought it a few months back, played for about an hour or so then forgot about it. I agree with the previous poster's statement that the gameplay just does not hold up to lineage of Jam, Street, etc.

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