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MotoGP Introduces the Sim Racing Telemetry App


MotoGP Introduces the Sim Racing Telemetry App

MotoGP continues to improve with additions after release — this time with a new app geared towards gamers who are looking for a leg up with their racing.

The app should be especially useful for folks racing in eSports type of contexts to break down their performance and perhaps identify needed areas of improvement.

Milano, July 19th: MotoGP™ videogame marks a step forward in terms of realism with the introduction of telemetry data. All players will be able to acquire, analyze and review detailed telemetry data from their races and performances thanks to Sim Racing Telemetry.

The Sim Racing Telemetry App, developed from UNAmedia and available for iOS, Android, PC and MAC, is the essential tool for the sim racing eSports community. The app records all available physical and mechanical telemetry data and presents them on simple and intuitive interfaces: riders can analyze data by looking at bare numbers, interactive charts or projected on a reconstructed track. Recorded sessions are also summarized with charts and tables.

Interested? You can download the app here.

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  1. This sounds very cool.
    I ran out and downloaded the app and there is a charge to use it per game.
    $1.99 for MotoGP 18
    $11.99 for F1 2017
    $11.99 for Project Cars 2
    I'm not saying it's not worth the price however the 11.99 seems a bit much on the surface.
    I may spring the 1.99 for MotoGP.

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