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MLB The Show 20: SDS Streaming Opening Day Nationals Vs. Mets

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: SDS Streaming Opening Day Nationals Vs. Mets

We’ve seen the Phoenix Suns streaming their schedule on Twitch, and now Sony San Diego is doing something similar in the MLB. Right now, they’re streaming the Opening Day Nationals vs. Mets game at Citi Field if you want to enjoy a little virtual baseball (with Twitch drops enabled).

Depending on how long this delay for the MLB season lasts, it will be interesting to see what else starts to make it over to video games. I would love to start having real broadcasters calling the game and so on just to sort of try out something interesting and unique in the meantime.

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  1. This is pretty fun. I kinda wish it wasn't quick counts, but the mode seems like it's more balanced than in previous years when it was a ton of walks and K's.
    I'm sure the chat (which I'm not reading) is not missing their chance to scream "hitting is broken" while a scoreless pitchers duel goes down between Scherzer and Degrom - neither of which are going to go the distance, it appears.
    Hope they do this a few more times while we wait for real baseball.
    I just got done watching it..thought it was great...the only thing I would have done different was gone Clean strike zone and hopefully just like Armor and Josh C have asked for is patching the pitchout on/off switch back in so get gets rid of the pitch dot that appears...Vote for Clean screen...
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