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MLB The Show 20: Prime Time Event 2 Overview

prime time event 2

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: Prime Time Event 2 Overview

I have highlighted the overall Prime Time events in this news post here. You can scope that out for the overall rewards that currently go up to 100 wins. For Prime Time Event 2, it looks like a rather boring event. Six-inning event games are never really my thing, and with this also being on Hall of Fame difficulty, it might not even be that enjoyable to grind some players for prestige. The one saving grace is there are quick counts, but I would probably avoid this event unless you just want to play on Hall of Fame.

This event will run from July 14 to July 24.

Prime Time Event 2

  • Prime, Awards, Signature Series and Faces of the Franchise players
  • Bronze and silver players
  • Max team overall of 94
  • Six-inning games with quick counts
  • Difficulty: Hall of Fame

Again, head here to see the rewards structure for this set of events.

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