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MLB The Show 20: Diamond Dynasty Team Affinity Stage 3 Now Live

team affinity stage 3 showdown and draft

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20: Diamond Dynasty Team Affinity Stage 3 Now Live

Team Affinity stage 3 in MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty features 30 new MLB Face of the Franchise cards, new Showdowns and new general Team Affinity rewards, moments and missions. The breakdown of how it all works is relatively straight forward, but there are some added moments and quirks here to help push you along with your Team Affinity points. Consider this your Team Affinity stage 3 guide.

If you just want to see ratings and quirks for all 30 Face of the Franchise players, then head here.

Team Affinity Stage 3 Showdowns

team affinity stage 3 showdown

The Showdowns will no longer be broken down into AL and NL, this time it’s switching to three regions: East, West, Central. The point totals work the same with a win in the Final Showdown getting you five vouchers that amount to 20 Team Affinity points for any team in that region. As always, a reminder that doing a stage 3 Showdown will only get you vouchers for teams that you have unlocked up to stage 3.

team affinity stage 3 showdown and draft

The draft pool has once again expanded, so you’ll be starting with even better teams than stage 2. I started with many more golds, and you still get a prime pick to start things off that will give you one of the newest Face of the Franchise cards. You’ll have another diamond round after that where you’ll see Future Stars diamonds and so on. After that, you get a handful of gold rounds before dropping to silver players.

team affinity stage 3 final showdown

The Final Showdown will probably always be against a new Face of the Franchise pitcher as well. Lastly, it seems like the Final Showdown will remain on veteran like with stage 2.

Team Affinity Stage 3 Missions

team affinity stage 3 missions

The stage 3 missions have gone relatively unchanged. Stage 3 missions will work like stage 2 missions, which means there’s +10 TA points for each team out there for two missions (one of the two is strictly online-based), and you can still do repeatable player exchange sets as well.

Team Affinity Stage 3 Moments

team affinity stage 3 moments

There are now two new sources of stage 3 missions. There is a group of stage 3 missions that will only unlock once you have 130 TA points for a team — which is similar to how stage 2 worked. On top of that, you now have 90 separate new missions (three for each team) that will provide +3 TA points each.

These new missions can apply to whatever stage you’re currently on right now. So if you’re on stage 1 but need nine points for the Orioles, then go ahead and knock out those three missions. Think of these missions as nine floating points that can help you on your way. On top of that, it’s solid single-player content if you just want to knock out some easy missions for a lot of stubs, XP and some packs — assuming you complete all 90 for the bonus packs.

Team Affinity Stage 3 Rewards

Every team gets the same rewards flow. You can get up to 200 Team Affinity points (170 points unlocks the FOTF card), and the stage 3 rewards start at 130 Team Affinity points.

  • 130 points – universal icon of sort sort
  • 140 points – Team Affinity packs (x5)
  • 150 points – Ballin’ Is A Habit pack
  • 160 points – 5,000 stubs
  • 170 points – Team-specific Face of the Franchise player
  • 180 points – 2,500 stubs
  • 190 points – Ballin’ Is A Habit pack (x5)

The added bonus here is you can now sell the stage 3 Face of the Franchise cards.

buy and sell team affinity stage 3 players

This will help those who have fallen behind or simply want to try out a card before grinding for it. It’s also another source of stubs for those who simply don’t want that specific FOTF card.

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