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MLB The Show 18 OSFM Rosters Available Now

MLB The Show 18

MLB The Show 18 OSFM Rosters Available Now

MLB The Show 18 OSFM rosters are available now. Search for Ridindwnkingsley. (#OSFM V1) It’s time to start your Franchises!

UPDATE: OSFM V1.2 is available now with corrections.

UPDATE #2: OSFM V1.3 is available now, adding Cease, Stephenson, fixed Cubs LF and more.

Make sure you download the ones from Ridindwnkingsley.

Original post below, from RidinDwnKingsley.

Ok guys it’s that time of year and I have been getting tons of questions so here we go….

As most of you know the OSFM process was started years ago by our good friend Knight. It has evolved and has taken many different processes. Due to changes made within the game and our ability to import and export players it has given us the ability to speed up the way we create this great roster. In the past we would assign each team to individual people and they would turn in their work prior to or right after release. That process worked for some… others not so much. It was great letting everyone do each team but also caused a lot of confusion and chaos as well as ratings being off and diff scales being used. We have changed our process slightly this year but I think when you see the finished product you will all see why.

I have been working closely with a team of guys most from OS and some not. These are all guys with a huge passion for our roster and our great game and some are even in minor league organizations and provide insight that proves invaluable. We have already compiled a completely edited roster that is being updated daily with transactions, motion/stance edits, equip edits and much much more. Due to some of the great work done over the last few years the base we have compiled is based on years of work, faces are better than ever. All ages and heights and weights have been adjusted for 2018 version as well. Free agents, missing players and guys we know who have to be created are already done or in the process. So I do wanna thank all of the guys who have put out or edited sets based on OSFM the last few years Showtyme, Willard , Side Effect, WTNY, Aroid, Sammy, Baseball88, BigPoppawilly and everyone who has contributed there are too many to list. The process we have used for this years will eliminate errors and mistakes by up to 50-75% based off past years Versions.

So here is how we are gonna do this with this years version….we will release the OSFM “Opening Day Version” around the first week of the MLB 2018 season. Don’t ask what day or what time that’s all your getting….. our goal is to get it out faster and more accurate than ever before and with this process we should be able to. We have a team of guys lined up so once game is released it will be a 24 hr round the clock system of teamwork. You have to realize people have scheduled vacation time and taken days off to be able to do this because of their passion for this so please respect the process and what we do.

We will use the new batting stance creator to edit and create stances and have assigned our own person who is reviewing hours and hours of video and taking note upon note so we are ready to dig into that feature.

We will accept any work from anyone who has completed teams and incorporate what fits into what we have done. Also once we release the initial opening day version you are all welcome to take that base and add your teams to it or edit it in anyway you want. We will release subsequent versions as the season rolls on as well as always.

Please keep the negative comments and complaining to a minimum and be constructive with feedback. Take time to consider the hundreds of hours guys put into this on a year round basis is all I am asking. I usually say this every year because it’s true but this years Version is fat and away the best most complete and accurate Version ever done and will be released probably faster than any set has before. Thanks to Operation Sports for continuing to host this great roster in these forums. If you have any questions or want to contact me to submit players or teams contact me on Twitter. I have updated my twitter handle to @OSFM18Rosters so follow that for updates. I have been at spring training with some of the team and we are getting great info that we are incorporating into the set daily.

We also will have some fun things we will do as we get closer so follow us on there for updates.


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