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Madden NFL 21 Patch Fixes Ultimate Team Challenges Issue

madden 21 patch

Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21 Patch Fixes Ultimate Team Challenges Issue

A new Madden NFL 21 patch has arrived today, but it’s just a small update to address an issue with end conditions in Madden Ultimate Team Ultimate Challenges. So for those of you that are curious about the details, that’s it.

The patch is available on all platforms.

Also of note, the All-Madden H2H Seasons Event will not be expiring today and will be left up for the rest of the year.

The team has released some Madden NFL 22 franchise details, and a coaching carousel tease, but we don’t expect to hear much else until June.

The team is at the very early stages of planning and pre-production for Madden NFL 22, but they have been actively discussing some areas of focus, based off of feedback and player engagement.

Here are few of the areas, while not fully committed yet, the team is exploring:

  • Coaching and staff management
  • Scouting improvements
  • New scenario engine enhancements
  • New team chemistry system
  • Commissioner Tools improvements
  • MORE CONTENT – Examples: Relocation/Branding Assets for Franchise – New uniforms, names, and logos to relocation options for more variety and depth in deeper careers.

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  1. Seems like it fixed more than that. Why after this patch the hitstick is less relevant and the tackle boxes are less forgiving.
    I don't know. seems like they lessened Defense and weakened everything. I'm having a hard time beating anyone now since thats what I relied on to compete.
    I spent about 500 dollars on MUT so EA said nope.
    and I wasted all that money for this game not to be fun for me for the next four months. wow! talk about wasting my time. Nothing else on Playstation is fun I doubt the show is fun. a fun way to waste time and be upset.
    I might as well sell my ps4 too.
    Thanks a lot!

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