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Madden 20 MUT: Sehorn, Ninkovich, Dillon the New Legends

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Madden NFL 20

Madden 20 MUT: Sehorn, Ninkovich, Dillon the New Legends

Three new Legends hit Madden 20 MUT today. The big hitter is the limited MUT Legend Jason Sehorn.

MUT Legend Jason Sehorn

mut legends jason sehorn

It looks like a good card for Sehorn, and he’s tall so that should help him. He’s also been a popular card in the past. He will be in the packs through the weekend. That being said, Sehorn is overpriced right now, so look to MUTHead to track him and wait for that to dip some. Beyond Sehorn, we have two other Legends.

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The other two Boss cards are Corey Dillon and Rob Ninkovich. They can be completed by finishing out their sets or buying them in the auction house:

mut legends sets

You need the five other versions of their cards to complete the set. Each of these cards also has a Power Up, which can be acquired by finishing their single-player Missions.

mut legends challenges

Enjoy the divisional round, and be sure to check out our Madden simulation as well. I’ll be back tomorrow when the new Football Outsiders cards are released.

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