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Headliners Set 41 Trevor Story and Three New 99 Overalls in Beach Ball Packs

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Headliners Set 41 Trevor Story and Three New 99 Overalls in Beach Ball Packs

Silver Slugger Trevor Story has replaced Future Stars Christian Pache in Headliners packs today. Headliners Set 41 Trevor Story is a 96 overall. The new Beach Ball packs have in a sense replaced the Ducks On The Pond series as the new “special” packs in the market. These packs include 99 overall Future Stars Luis Robert, 99 overall Signature Series Nolan Ryan, 99 overall MVP Rogers Hornsby, 98 overall Signature Series Kenny Lofton, 98 overall Cy Young Eric Gagne, and 96 overall Signature Series Jorge Posada.

Headliners Set 41 Trevor Story

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  • Story has a tough  road here. He has great stats against LHP and is a great fielder with good speed, but it’s tough competition out there at SS.

Beach Ball Packs

The odds on these packs are in two tiers. The top tier is a 1:4 chance at a 99 overall. If you miss out there, you’re guaranteed a 96+ card in the choice pack. You can buy a max of two packs, and each one costs 40K stubs.

Rare Tier

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  • The Rogers Hornsby matches up well with the Stan Musial from the 6th Inning Program. Hornsby just hits from the right side, and he has slightly more speed and bunting ability. On top of that, he can play middle infield at a mediocre level, while Musial is in the OF or at 1B playing defense at a mediocre level. Both cards have max contact ratings against RHP and LHP.
  • Luis Robert seems slightly underwhelming. He has amazing fielding and speed, and he’s a good CF hitting-wise, but again, I’m judging off the basis of being a 99 overall.
  • Nolan Ryan is a gamble this year. The control is an issue, and his pitch mix doesn’t always fly anymore. That being said, he does have a sinker.

Base Tier

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  • I’ll always go to bat for a Lofton card, but we have received more than one this year so it’s not a must-have card to me.
  • The same goes for Gagne, and he’s also someone who can be hit or miss for effectiveness — he’s an acquired taste for some.
  • I like hitting with Posada, and a power-hitting switch-hitter at the dish is nothing to sneeze at, but his fielding isn’t quite elite.

This is a high risk, high reward pack opening right now. You’re looking at the 99 overalls going for 120K+ but the sub-99 overalls going for less than 25K.

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