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F1 2021 Adds Updated Teams, Cars and Drivers in F2 2021 Season Update

f1 2021 f2 update

F1 2021

F1 2021 Adds Updated Teams, Cars and Drivers in F2 2021 Season Update

EA and Codemasters have released a free F1 2021 update today providing fans with updated teams, cars and drivers for the F2 2021 season. F2 2021 can be accessed through Grand Prix, Time Trial, Social Play, Split-Screen and LAN.

Today’s update features both F2 2020 and F2 2021 weekend structures, depending on which season you play. Unlike F2 2020’s structure, which you can choose to play through in Career mode, of one practice session, a qualifying, followed by an hour-long Feature race on Saturday, time depending on your race settings, and a Sprint race on the following Sunday, the 2021 season is slightly different. Available in Grand Prix, Time Trial, Social Play, Split-Screen, and LAN, F2 2021 has two Sprint races on Saturday, with the Feature race taking place on Sunday. Qualifying sets the grid for the feature race and the first sprint race, with those in the top ten reversing positions for the first sprint grid.

Read more details on the F2 2021 Season Update in the latest blog.

F1 2021 is one for the ages. Make sure to read our review here.

Codemasters has been in the news recently as the company was purchased by EA earlier this year. Although many fans were displeased with this decision, the more I spoke with developers at Codemasters, the more I found they seemed very comfortable with the combination of these two behemoths and what the future now holds. It’s important to note this because F1 2021 is the first AAA release from Codemasters since the partnership, and both companies will now be under a community microscope. This also leads me to this F1 2021 review.

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