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EA Officially Purchases Codemasters For $1.2 Billion

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EA Officially Purchases Codemasters For $1.2 Billion

Back in December, EA offered to purchase Codemasters for $1.2 billion, outbidding Take-Two in the process. Today, it has become official.

The announcement brings the Formula 1, DIRT, DiRT Rally, GRID and Project CARS franchises, under the EA umbrella.

Speaking with IGN, EA’s executive Vice President of strategic growth mentioned Codemasters would be treated as an independent group for the foreseeable future.

“We will be treating the Codemasters’ studios as an independent group for the foreseeable future, giving them all the support they need to deliver their much-loved games and exploring all opportunities for growth as we go,” Bilbey explained. “We’re incredibly excited about what the future holds for them and while they will remain independent, we will be there to pour fuel on their growth capabilities through the power of EA’s distribution.”


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  1. That’s the end of some great racing franchises.  Project cars consumed my codemasters.  Codemasters consumed by ea.  Let’s see, that’s the end of Project Cars, F1, and Dirt series as we know them.  Hate to say this here comes Dirt ultimate team, F1 ultimate team and no more project cars.  SMH sad day for us car/hard core racing guys.  Assetto here I come.
    Yeah I cant believe too many gamers are excited about this.
    That F1 game has been near perfect the last few years.
    We went from a steakhouse burger to the two cheeseburger extra value meal.
    Hope I'm wrong.
    Be ready to draw cards for a better engine online. The more money you spend, the better the chances of building a competitive engine for Online Races.
    If they ruin this game, I just may never buy an EA product again. Which means I might as well sell my consoles since I only play sports games primarily and they've just got a monopoly. Surprised nobody has cracked down on them yet.
    @brandon27 you said what I have been thinking along time.  EA is being a monopoly.  Football let’s buy NFL license for exclusiveness.   It killed all the variety we had in football games in the 90s and early 2000s.  Ever since football fans have suffered.  Now the same has happened with racing.  Slightly Mad Studios (purchased by codemasters) and codemasters themselves and both now gone along with the great racing titles they had.  How on earth can they just take over the market like that.  They have locks on football and racing.  Us the true fans of those sports are the ones suffering.  While EA gets richer and richer.  

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