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F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 5 Available Now

f1 2021 podium pass 5

F1 2021

F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 5 Available Now

F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 5 is available now featuring the special white Red Bull Racing Arigato team livery as seen at the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix. You can select the livery in My Team, Grand Prix, Split-Screen, Time Trial, Multiplayer and for your own Player car.

Similar to Podium Pass 4 a couple more free unlockable items are also available in the free tier. Inspired by content creators Tiametmarduk and MaximeMXM players can unlock their livery, helmet, gloves and suits.


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  1. The podium pass thing has quickly become a joke from Codemasters. Why on earth do they think people want the most ridiculous liveries ever? Or liveries based on e-sports players and their names? It's just all useless garbage this year. This series took a massive step backwards in 2022 IMO; while it was still a good game once it become playable 2 months after release it's just become completely stagnant.
    With this being the first year EA is actually involved I never thought I'd say this but I really hope someone at EA is giving these guys their marching orders to do better. Again, I maintain this is still a good game but it's quickly fallen behind other games in its class. Visually it's not up to 2022 and current gen standards. The AI is unbalanced track to track. There's glitches all around still. The core modes have essentially remained unchanged for several years now. Braking point was a massive flop and waste of resources that completely killed the development of the rest of the game. The big concern though is some of the stories floating around online about some new features coming, like the ability to purchase hypercars from within career/my team mode... I mean.. for what?? Upgrade the visuals to current gen/2022 standards, fix the messy glitches, improve My Team and Career modes, building upon what you have to make the game great rather than add useless nonsense.
    I don't know what the future holds for this series but IMO F1 2022 has become make or break for this franchise given the last 2 years and now EA's involvement. I dont know if it's all on Codies, or on EA already... but F1 2021 was a major disappointment in every area. That sounds harsh; I know... but it's basically F1 2020 with even more new, and long standing legacy issues with a new mode nobody wanted. All signs currently point to F1-2022 having more "new features" that nobody wants, and likely more neglect when it comes to the core game itself. Everything just feels like they're asleep at the wheel right now at Codies/EA.
    While I don't agree with everything, I do agree this Podium pass nonsense needs to stop or become much much better. I have no desire for most of these liveries and none in the last 2 or 3. I would much rather have realistic ones or maybe even historical liveries. I would love to see classic liveries like Lotus and such to run a career with.
    '22 is very much a wait and see which is a shame. This was my last sports game that was always a day one pick up. I am at the point now that I can pass a couple of years or just stay with what I have until the cycle changes once again.

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