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eSports Boxing Club Release Date Update: Delayed But With a Silver Lining

esports boxing club release date

eSports Boxing Club

eSports Boxing Club Release Date Update: Delayed But With a Silver Lining

We posted a story earlier today from Steel City Interactive, the developers of eSports Boxing Club, where they detailed what’s happening with this promising looking boxing video game. Part of that update is that the eSports Boxing Club release date has been pushed out further into the future. Prince gives his thoughts on this latest update in this video.

It is not all bad news here because even though Early Access got pushed, it sounds more like we’ll eventually get a next-gen version of the game. One of my concerns is that ESBC would get left behind because it was focusing on PC and just current-gen consoles, but now it sounds like this title could hit most audiences out there when it’s eventually released.

Overall, we remain excited and always love to see new developers enter a genre that can be daunting to get into due to licensing issues.


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  1. Just to add on to the earlier developer update, we wanted to give some thoughts in video form too since we're still excited about this game.
    And I'll agree with that giant font response, I'd much rather let this develop properly before we get the public release, and give this game the best possible chance to make the impact that it should. Can't wait to see more, in any case.
    I don’t mind waiting for the best possible product and from what I seen in footwork and visuals my eyes are completely on this game. I hope they do they’re best to market this game correctly because there’s still a lot of people that don’t know about this game. I hope for the best for steel city man this game looks promising
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