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Steel City Interactive Provides Update on eSports Boxing Club Development Progress

eSports Boxing Club

Steel City Interactive Provides Update on eSports Boxing Club Development Progress

Steel City Interactive, the development studio behind the upcoming eSports Boxing Club, has provided an update on how the team is progressing with the game.

The self-funded development team started with four people and had plans to release into Early Access around this time and grow the title over time. The team has grown to thirteen members on staff, thanks to a small investment and remain confident in delivering a true next-gen boxing experience.

To match the high expectations from the team, they have decided to delay the December Early Access launch. While the team has made strides on lifelike models and a revolutionary footwork system, they want to keep the foot on the gas and continue improving on it and other areas of the game, including concerns on speed of the punches. While the purpose of the movement trailer was footwork, they are listening to all feedback.

Here is the current development state for Early Access launch.

  • vl Physics and mechanics implemented – v2 being worked on
  • 70% Career mode implemented
  • Offline Multiplayer implemented
  • Experimental Online Multiplayer mode implemented
  • Fully customizable Character Creator implemented
  • Upload/download of characters enabled via Steam
  • 21 licensed boxers implemented
  • 9 Venues created so far
  • Initial Commentary has been implemented
  • Ability to create your own career mode – Renaming everything from Trainers to Judges and their abilities

While a release date for Early Access has not been given, the team is committed to bringing the game to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and next-gen consoles, launching on PC first. They are also looking to get the game in the the Xbox Game Preview.


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  1. Yeah, this game has come too far and looks too promising for it to just be a huge waste of time. I am pretty sure it started as a passion project and seeing the potential they got some more outside investment and increased the team. If anything they are pushing it back to give it more polish. That footwork trailer looks amazing and I am really hopeful it will turn out to be pretty good. 
    As a PC player, I'm a little bummed I won't be able to play here near the end of the year, but like everyone else I want a solid game so I can be patient so long as we get there. I'm a fan of early access models and getting something out soon to be able to iterate as early as makes sense. That said, sports gamers are often tough critics and if there's a desire to add a little more polish before throwing it out there, I get it.
    I like that they made reference to some of the comments around the speed of punches. It's one of the things I was curious about and it's cool to see that directly addressed. The bulleted list looks promising. Still excited about this game and hope it's the sort of thing where they can get it out there and iterate over the course of a number of years.

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