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eFootball PES 2020 Patch 1.10 and Data Pack 6.0 Available Now - Patch Notes & Details Here

eFootball PES 2020

eFootball PES 2020 Patch 1.10 and Data Pack 6.0 Available Now - Patch Notes & Details Here

Konami has released eFootball PES 2020 game update 1.10 and Data Pack 6.0, which includes updated club names, club strips, club emblems, media backdrops and 2 new iconic moment series legends.

The update also features new and updated face models, player portraits, manager portraits, player names, stadium signs and ball designs.

Check out the official eFootball PES 2020 patch notes below.

Updates and Additions

  • Updated club names
  • Updated club strips
  • Updated club emblems
  • Updated media backdrops
  • New/updated face models
  • New/updated player portraits
  • New manager portraits
  • Updated player names
  • Updated stadium signs
  • New ball designs



  • An issue where the stat boost that Iconic Moment Series players receive through the team-matching mechanic was not reflected in the overall Team Strength of squads used in myClub matches. (The ‘team-matching mechanic’ is activated when your Base Team matches the player’s registered team.)
  • An issue where playing myClub Co-op with more than one user on a team sometimes resulted in multiple copies of the same Legend/Iconic Moment Series players being assigned to the same squad.
  • An issue where a stat boost was not applied to players from the Iconic Moment Series despite playing them with the correct Base Team. The issue occurred if you enter a vs COM or vs COM Challenge Cup match immediately after opening myClub mode.

Other Updates

  • A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode to improve the overall gaming experience.

Konami is also aware of the following issues and plan to have them fixed in the next update.


  • An issue that causes the incorrect Team Strength values to be displayed in the Squad List for all teams that include players from the Iconic Moment Series. This issue is triggered by using a Matchday team that differs from your Base Team.
  • Incorrect Team Strength values are only displayed in the Squad List in Matchday. For the correct values, see the Squad Management screen.

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