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Breaking Down Advanced Instructions in PES 2017

PES 2017

Breaking Down Advanced Instructions in PES 2017

I’m addicted to Pro Evolution Soccer this year. In terms of gameplay, it finally feels like Konami has recaptured the essence of the series’ glory years, improving on its previous iteration to a substantial degree. PES 2017 is packed with brand-new additions that contribute to this, and Advanced Instructions is one of them. It’s a feature that makes the act of coaching a more streamlined experience, and if you can master this element of the game, you’ll have a big advantage over those who don’t even know it exists.

Let’s take this opportunity to break these instructions down and discuss this feature in detail.


Attacking Instructions

There are seven attacking instructions that can enhance your tactical setup in PES 2017. They all possess different characteristics, and they also come with their own pros and cons.

  • Hug The Touchline: This instruction aims to push your wingers out wide permanently. It’s particularly beneficial for those who adopt a crossing game and stretch play to the wings often.
  • Attacking Full Backs: If you’re losing in the latter part of a game, Attacking Full Backs can add extra fire power down the wings. Keep in mind that your fullbacks will end up out of position on a regular basis as a result, and they’ll also suffer from stamina loss.
  • Wing Rotation: The idea of Wing Rotation is to add fluidity to an attack and catch the defense off guard. When you collect the ball on the wing, teammates will provide extra passing options while others look to run into space.
  • Tiki-Taka: Barcelona fans know all about Tiki-Taka. It’s a tactic that pushes your players closer together with the intent of retaining possession and making short passes. It’s best reserved for teams with lots of skill, or for when you’re winning and trying to run down the clock.
  • False No. 9: False No. 9 can be used in a variety of scenarios. Strong attackers can use it to their advantage by holding up the ball and allowing speedy wingers to get forward. It can also be useful when combined with the Tiki-Taka technique to help retain possession in the middle.
  • Centering Targets: Centering Targets is a really simple tactic that encourages players to get into the box in anticipation of a cross. It’s particularly useful if you’re trying to get a goal in the dying minutes of a game.
  • False Full Backs: The idea behind False Full Backs is to push your fullbacks into the center of the pitch. This is a good strategy if the opposition doesn’t set up with any wingers. Watch out if they do, as you’ll be extremely vulnerable down the sides.


Counter Target (Arsenal CF)

Defensive Instructions

There are only five defensive-based Advanced Instructions in PES 2017, but they’re all important to understand.

  • Tight Marking: Tight Marking allows you to pinpoint anyone on the pitch to track closely, and tricky attackers are often a good target. If you’re getting beaten with crosses down the wing, be sure to mark those wingers and you’ll save a lot of balls from getting into the box.
  • Deep Defensive Line: Adopting the Deep Defensive Line instruction is a great way of preventing ground through balls from breaking your defensive setup. It’s also a useful instruction to help defend a lead against a team that isn’t a threat from long range.
  • Swarm The Box: Swarm The Box allows your defense to collapse into the box against an opposition that favors crossing from out wide. The idea is to prevent a goal by increasing the number of bodies in the defensive area.
  • Counter Target: Counter Target is used to help catch the opposition off guard with a fast-moving attack. It does this by forcing nominated players to stay in one position, preserving their stamina in the process.
  • Gegenpress: Gegenpress isn’t the ultra-powerful strategy some believe it to be. It’s an instruction that pulls players out of position and drains their stamina quickly in return for pressing the opposition in an intense manner. It’s not always a good idea to use it unless you’re desperate for a goal, the opponent is time-wasting, or they’re very slow on the ball.


Attacking Full Backs / Centering Targets


Achieving success with Advanced Instructions requires an understanding of how to combine them successfully. At any time, you can utilize two attacking instructions and two defensive ones. There are multiple combinations to consider, and here are a few examples.

  • Attacking Full Backs / Centering Targets: If you’re losing in the closing stages of a contest, these two wide instructions complement each other well. They work to get your wide players down the touchline while the rest of the team pushes into the box in anticipation of a cross.
  • Deep Defensive Line / Swarm The Box: If you’re leading against a team more powerful and skillful than you, dropping your defensive line and retreating into the box is a great way of containing their attack.
  • Hug The Touchline / Wing Rotation: This is a tactic that forces wingers to the touchline while offering them support to make a short pass or a killer through ball.
  • Tight Marking / False Full Backs: It can be a dangerous strategy to pull your fullbacks into the center of the pitch. You don’t want to be caught out down the wings, so marking opposition wingers will make sure your fullbacks keep one eye on their movements.
  • False No. 9 / Counter Target: In the dying stages of a game, allowing your center-forward to drop deeper and retain that position allows you to hit the opposition on the counter with ease.

What are your experiences with Advanced Instructions in PES 2017? Let us know.

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