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Three Keys to Building a Winning Side in PES 2017's Master League

PES 2017

Three Keys to Building a Winning Side in PES 2017's Master League

Achieving success and winning trophies in Master League can be a difficult task. Unfortunately, there’s no tried and true formula that one can replicate and reap immediate rewards. Team Spirit, avoiding the injury bug and purchasing the right players can put you on the path to success. Once on that path, it’s up to you to sustain it. With that said, let’s dive into three areas that are crucial to Master League success in PES 2017.

1. Finding Your Comfort Zone

There are reasons why real-life managers like Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp enjoy success wherever they land. They’re system managers who would rather have players adapt to their ways as opposed to the opposite. In PES 2017 a similar approach is often rewarded, mainly by way of Team Spirit. Konami defines Team Spirit as “an indicator of how well relations are within the team.” There are several variables that can raise Team Spirit (club captain in the starting 11, winning matches, etc.), but settling on a preferred formation and starting 11 creates consistency that can increase teamwork among your squad.

2. Evaluating And Reinforcing The Squad

“If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse” is a cliche that suits footy very well. Very rarely will the big clubs rest on their laurels so why should you? Evaluating your squad throughout the year will help as as transfer windows approach. As you find your comfort zone, you might come to the realization that your squad isn’t quite what you envisioned. Perhaps you want to take advantage of your tall center-forward but lack fullbacks who are capable of sending in quality crosses. A quick search or instructions to your scout can help to identify the players you need. Monthly reports can also be a valuable tool in helping to evaluate players. These detailed reports can help indicate your preferred playing style and which players flourish in them.

3. Adjusting On The Fly

Sometimes you can have everything all setup correctly (in-form players and team spirit high) and things still don’t go your way. Don’t fret, adjust. Throughout the match the CPU will adjust its attacking levels on the fly depending on the match situation and events, so you should do the same. Is your lone striker being crowded out? Perhaps adjusting your base formation or fluid formation to offer him more support will open up your attack. Coupling that with adjusting your attacking level (Press up on the D-Pad) will send additional bodies forward, but at the risk of leaving you more open in the back.

Trying to hold onto a result while the CPU pushes players forward can be quite the challenge. If you use your football knowledge and bring on an extra defender while trying to hit back on the counter, this tactic can help you see the match out and obtain that favorable result.The CPU will attempt to get you out of your comfort zone, so don’t be afraid to tinker a little if things aren’t going your way once kickoff starts.

The path to success within Master League isn’t a straight-forward one. Injuries, the CPU coming in for your players during the Transfer Window, and other events can throw a wrench into your Master League plans. How well you deal with adversity will determine how successful your campaign will be. Are you up to the task?

What are your keys to success in Master League?

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