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2K to Support Underserved Communities by Refurbishing Basketball Courts & Enabling STEM Education Programming

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2K to Support Underserved Communities by Refurbishing Basketball Courts & Enabling STEM Education Programming

Getting away from video games for a moment, 2K has announced the launch of 2K Foundations. The new program was created to support underserved communities across the nation by refurbishing basketball courts in neighborhoods that need them the most. The court refurbishments will feature environmentally-safe upgrades and offer resources to create local basketball tournaments and other positive endeavors that promote diversity, sportsmanship, learning and the positive power of community.

The neighborhoods include Cincinnati, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago and Cleveland within its first year. 2K Foundations will also provide essential technology upgrades in local community centers that will enable STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education programming for the youth, with the support of local advocacy groups and communities.

Microsoft will also partner with 2K and lend their support, by outfitting Xbox One S gaming stations and other equipment in each of the locations.

“2K Foundations is inspired by the basketball community and passionate NBA 2K fans who have been enthusiastic about their love for the game over the last two decades,” said Jason Argent, Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations for NBA 2K. “Basketball has been so good to us, and we want to pay it forward to the communities that need it most, by helping to enhance the lives of youth both on the court and in the classroom.”

For a glimpse into the 2K Foundations program, check out the recap videos below.


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  1. As a person that works in Detroit I have seen many courts that could use help as well. But I just think this is great  for any community very  great way to  give back
    Props to 2K.
    But ask yourself what all of your tax money sucked outta your paychecks got wasted on that it couldnt refurbish a simple basketball court.

    Those basketball courts will be tagged up and nets stolen by Friday. That is why cities tend not to spend money on them. I remember Chicago did it when I was a teen during the early 1990s. Within 3 days gang signs were spray painted on it and it basically just went back to being a gang hang out area. No kid went there unless they were family members of said gang members.
    Heck they even tried to run official tournaments there, but it was a money pit. Took 6 police cars stationed there to keep the violence out. The cost was just too much, so after that summer they never did it again in my neighborhood. And I am not even going to get into the number of balls that were stolen from people.

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