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Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing - Road Course Pack Available Today

Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing

Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing - Road Course Pack Available Today

The Road Course Pack arrives today for Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing, featuring two very unique tracks, and three additional paint schemes for each series. The Road Course Pack will cost $4.99.

These tracks were custom built to really showcase the fun of driving these high horsepower sprint cars. With a balance of technical turns, fast straights, and even some wild undulation. These new layouts will be available in Quick Race, as well as online, with three additional paint schemes to choose from per series.

We’ve posted some screenshots below. If you missed our Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing review, make sure to read it here.

Anyone who enjoys the racing genre in video games understands how important AI drivers can be to the success (or failure) of each title. This rings especially true when it comes to career modes, and TSSCR is no different. Thankfully, the developers at Monster have created a solid base of AI drivers that vary in talent, skill and aggressiveness on the track. The game also provides an internal option that, if turned to spread or tight, will keep the pack together or spread them out.


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  1. I like the additional paint schemes, adds a little more variety to AI. I'm hoping it carries over to Career Mode.
    The add of road courses kills me a bit inside. It goes against everything dirt track racing. I doubt I'll use them, but I could see them being fun giving the driving in the game.
    I'll probably end up getting the DLC, but am hoping they add some more realistic content in the future. Maybe even some real tracks...

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