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Tony Stewart's All-American Racing Patch Available - Patch Notes Here

Tony Stewart's All-American Racing

Tony Stewart's All-American Racing Patch Available - Patch Notes Here

Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing arrived just a few days ago and the team has already issued a couple of patches. The first patch was a launch day update, the second arrived shortly afterwards.

Check out the patch notes below.

Patch 1 (This was installed with the game on Day 1)

  • Improved multiplayer stability and performance
  • Added “Expert Only” multiplayer lobbies (no driving aids)
  • Enabled multiplayer tournaments
  • Improved several visual effects on cars (shake, body roll, lighting, etc)
  • Ability to change season lengths
  • Updated career tuning
  • Custom car number can be 3 characters long instead of 2
    • This can include 2 numeric digits and 1 letter in any order such as:
    • 000-999, 37x, x37, 3×7, etc
  • Various physics adjustments / tuning
  • Other fixes and improvements

Patch 2 (This has already propagated for PS4 and Steam, and is propagating now for Xbox)

  • Improvements for driving the high line
  • Added an option to AI settings to restrict the number of AI cars in practice (None, Low, Normal)
  • Improved shadows and other graphical improvements
  • Other fixes and improvements

Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for $29.99. We’ll have our review online soon.

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  1. Has anybody played this yet? How does it compare to the sprint car game from earlier this year?
    I prefer sprint cars, but might bite if this is a big improvement. I'm surprised they didn't include late models and wish the stock series had some variety in car types.

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