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The Best Young Players to Sign in NBA 2K17: Small Forwards

Best Young Small Forwards NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17

The Best Young Players to Sign in NBA 2K17: Small Forwards

When I start MyGM in NBA 2K17, one of the first things I do is look at my team roster. What are its weaknesses? Who are my best players? Who can I unload to try and improve my team?

One thing that is thoroughly enjoyable (for me at least) is taking my team and building a powerhouse based on youth and potential. The team might be average to begin with, but after a season or two — and some improvement in player ratings — my young studs usually grow into seasoned monsters.

I’ve taken the liberty of listing the top five young players at each position who have high potential and a high ceiling. You can target these players to help your team immediately, or after a few seasons of growth. The players are listed based on in-game overall; potential and basic info can be seen as well.

Small Forward

5. Otto Porter, Age 23 – Washington Wizards (80 Overall, A- Potential; $5.89M 1-Year Contract)
– A mid-range and three-point sharpshooter, Porter can also get on the glass. Young age and elite potential.

4. Tobias Harris, Age 24 – Detroit Pistons (80 Overall, A- Potential; $48.00M 3-Year Contract)
– Good all-around player with elite potential.

3. Harrison Barnes, Age 24 – Dallas Mavericks (83 Overall, B+ Potential; $69.34M 3-Year Contract)
– Decent shooter, elite strength and basketball IQ. He’s still young even though it seems like he’s been around forever.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Age 21 – Milwaukee Bucks (90 Overall, A Potential; $103.00M 5-Year Contract)
– He’s strong, can shoot better than you expect, great defender, elite playmaking and IQ…and he’s 21. His elite potential makes him a piece to add to your squad. Work some contract magic to bring him in.

1. Kawhi Leonard, Age 25 – San Antonio Spurs (96 Overall, A+ Potential; $56.61M 3-Year Contract)
– Kawhi Leonard is a two-way stud. Period. He won’t come cheap, but he’s worth every last cent. Go get him…now. He also has one of the wettest jumpers in NBA 2K.

Honorable Mention:

Ben Simmons, Age 20 – Philadelphia 76ers (80 Overall, B+ Potential; $12.07M 2-Year Contract)

Justise Winslow, Age 20 – Miami Heat (76 Overall, A- Potential; $2.59M 1-Year Contract)

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